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Wherever you are in your academic journey, we know you will do something great. Our many majors and degrees, university centers, online offerings, and specialized programs ensure there's a path — in fact, many paths — right for you.  

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Our most popular programs show our attention to providing students with the areas of study needed in the world today — construction management, accounting, engineering technology, teacher education, wine business, paramedicine, aviation, and more. 

Academic Resources

Your academic success is our priority. Find support and resources to aid you on your academic journey.

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Accessibility Studies

Learn about the offerings and requirements in accessibility studies.

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ADCO Committee

Explore the different programs and resources of the ADCO Committee.

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Africana and Black Studies

In the Africana and Black Studies Department, you will engage with the history of the African diaspora.

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Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising

The Apparel, Textiles, and Merchandising program emphasizes creativity, innovation, and sustainability.

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American Indian Studies

In the American Indian Studies Program at CWU, learn about Indigenous peoples, cultures, and histories.

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Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies

In the Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies at CWU, you will learn about human societies, cultures, and more.

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Art and Design

The Department of Art and Design at CWU offers options for you to explore your creative and artistic potential.

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Asian Studies Program

Explore the different programs and resources of the Asian Studies department.

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Central’s Aviation degree program prepare you for a rewarding career in the aviation field.

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Biological Sciences

In the Department of Biological Sciences, you will cultivate your understanding of biological concepts.

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Career and Technical Education

Explore the different programs and resources of the Career & Technical Education (CTE) Certification department.

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Home page for the Chemistry department.

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Child Development and Family Science

Learn about the Child Development and Family Science program options at CWU, take your education to the next level.

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Academic Colleges

Explore the Academic Colleges of CWU!

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CWU’s Department of Communication offers several majors, minors, and certificates that will help you further your career.

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Computer Science

Explore the world of Computer Science at CWU. Gain technical expertise and prepare for in software development, and more.

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Conference Services

Your one stop shop for all of your conference needs.

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Craft Brewing

Let CWU help you achieve your goals of becoming a professional in the fast-growing field of craft brewing.

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The Dance Program at CWU combines the artistic and academic attributes of dance.

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School of Education

If you want to be a teacher, CWU can prepare you for a bright future in the classroom.

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Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership

We provide the essential courses you'll need to successfully complete the Secondary Education major.

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Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction

With opportunities for practical learning and industry-expert instruction, our ETSC department is the right place for you.

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English Department

The English Department at CWU is a vibrant hub for scholars, educators, and learners.

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Environmental Studies

Home page for the Environmental Studies department site.

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Ethics Lab

Learn about the EthicsLab at CWU.

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Family Consumer Sciences

The Family Consumer Sciences Department at CWU is home to a variety of programs.

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Field Experiences

Explore the different programs and resources of the Office of Field Experience department.

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In the CWU Film Program, you will explore film genres and techniques, empowering you to find your unique voice.

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General Education

Explore the different programs and resources about General Education

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The Department of Geography at CWU offers degrees and certificates designed to prepare you to understand our planet.

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Geological Sciences

The Geological Sciences Department offers programs to support your exploration of Earth and our interactions with it.

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Health Careers

Explore the different programs and resources of the Health Careers department.

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Health Sciences

CWU Health Sciences prepares you for a rewarding career in the fast-growing health sciences field.

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History Department

The Department of History prepares you to engage with the wider world from an informed perspective.

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Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management

In the Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management program at CWU, we'll cover the details of managing events, and more!

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Integrated Energy Management

Learn about degree options in the Integrated Energy Management Department and let CWU help you.

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Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences

Learn more about Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences at Central Washington University. Build your own program.

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Office of International Studies

Explore the different programs and resources of the Office of International Studies department.

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Information Technology Management

IT Management combines information technology with administrative management.

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Latino & Latin American Studies

Learn about Latino and Latin American Studies at CWU.

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Law and Justice

With a degree in Law and Justice you can pursue a career in social work, homeland security, law enforcement, and more.

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Join the CWU Mathematics Department and choose from our undergraduate and certificate programs.

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Museum of Culture and Environment

Home page for the Museum of Culture and Environment.

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Department of Music

Our department is dedicated to learning, creating, and experiencing music together.

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Philosophy and Religious Studies

At CWU, our Philosophy and Religious Studies Department prepares you for multitude of career paths.

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In the CWU Physics Department, you can join a community of dedicated faculty with active research programs.

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Political Science

Want to gain an understanding of politics and institutions that impact our society? Pursue a degree in Political Science.

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Primate Behavior

The Primate Behavior programs teach about the relationships between primates and the environment.

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Learn more about undergraduate and graduate programs offered by the Department of Psychology at CWU.

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Public Policy

The Bachelor of Science in Public Policy is aimed at exploration and analysis of the historical legacies.

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Research at Central Washington University.

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Cultural and Environmental Resource Management

Cultural and Environmental Resource Management Program empowers you to make an impact on culture and economical issues.

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Science and Mathematics Education

The Science and Mathematics Education department aims to develop contemporary skills in science and math teaching.

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In the Sociology Department, you will gain an understanding of issues many communities face and challenge social constructs.

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Spatial Information & Research

Explore the different programs and resources of the Spatial Information & Research department.

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Special Education and Technology Center

Explore the different programs and resources of the Special Education & Technology Center.

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Specialized Programs

Achieve your educational goals and excel with personalized support through CWU’s Specialized Programs.

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Sport and Movement Studies

Home page for the Department of Sport and Movement Studies.

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Teach STEM

Central Washington University’s STEM Teaching program prepares you to competently and confidently begin a teaching career.

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Teacher Academies

Teacher Academies is dedicated to creating pathways into teaching and diversifying the racial profile of WA teachers.

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Teacher Certification

The Teaching Certification Program is here to help keep track of various teaching programs offered at CWU!

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Education, Development, Teaching and Learning

Earn your teaching degree in WA state and discover comprehensive programs, hands-on experiences, and expert faculty at CWU!

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Theatre Arts

The Theatre Arts Department offers majors, minors, certificates, and graduate degrees in almost all aspects of the theatre.

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Wine Studies

Wine Studies at CWU elevates your understanding of wine, marketing, and business practices. Launch your career at CWU.

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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Explore the different programs and resources of the Women & Gender Studies department.

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World Languages and Cultures

The Department of World Languages and Cultures offers degrees in ASL, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and more.

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Use our Program Finder tool to search offerings by topic, degree type, location, online programs, and more.


Explore our four Academic Colleges, Honors College, and the School of Graduate Studies and Research. 

  • College of the Arts and Humanities 
  • College of the Sciences 
  • College of Education and Professional Studies 
  • College of Business 
  • William O. Douglas Honors College 
  • School of Graduate Studies and Research 

Specialized Programs

Looking for something a little different? We are here to support you with specialized programs for all types of students.


We provide students opportunities for research, scholarship, and creative activities. Many of our students take the opportunity to work closely with faculty, connect with a mentor, and present their work. Learn more about Undergraduate Research and Graduate Research opportunities.  

Office of the Provost

The Office of the Provost is committed to upholding CWU’s core themes of teaching and learning, inclusiveness and diversity, scholarship and creative expression, public service and community engagement, and resource development and stewardship. 

Academic Support

CWU has the resources to support your academic journey through advising, counseling services, and case management.  

Academic Catalogs  

This catalog provides a general guideline of courses offered by the university and illustrates information about getting a degree, college and departments detail, as well as major and minor requirements. Check out our 2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog and our 2023-2024 Graduate Catalog for more information. 

Academic Calendar

Head to the calendar to find out when classes begin and end, as well as important dates and deadlines. 

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