Welcome to the Primate Behavior and Ecology Program

Primatology is the study of the behavior, biology, evolution, and taxonomy of primates. Our program guides your understanding of the relationships between primates and the environment in both captive and free-range settings. The community built throughout your studies in our department will continue far past graduation and into your professional career.  

About This Program

Our degrees are unique in that they prepare you not only for continuing your education, but also vibrant opportunities right out of graduation.

Student Resources

Collection of resources for current students in the Primate Behavior and Ecology Program.

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About section for the Primate Behavior and Ecology Program.

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Primate Facilities.

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Primatology Links

Collection of links for all things related to primatology.

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Research Associates

A list of research associates with the Primate Behavior and Ecology Program.

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What is Primatology?

Introductory description of primatology.

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Where can you find CWU Primate Behavior students?

An interactive map showing where past and current Primate Behavior students are working.

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Why Study Primatology at CWU?

Our students have gone on to work in labs, zoos, and captive facilities, continue their education in graduate programs, and hold careers in conservation through various government and non-profit agencies.

Degree Options

Practicing primatologists benefit from skills acquired in advanced training in anthropology, biology, psychology, and philosophy. You will ask questions, conduct research, and explore possible career paths in our program.


  • Primate Behavior and Ecology, BS


  • Primate Behavior and Ecology, BS

Minors and Certificates

  • Captive Primate Care Certificate

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder.


For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact the Academic Advising Center.


Opportunities to Work with Animals

Our students have the amazing opportunity to gain chimpanzee care and husbandry training at Chimpanzee Sanctuary Northwest located near Ellensburg. A number of students have carried out internships and research projects at the Gibbon Conservation Center in Santa Clarita, CA.

Primate Awareness Network (PAN)

PAN is a student organization focused on educating the public about the impact humans have on non-human primates. Funds raised through the efforts of club members are used to support conservation and/or sanctuary organizations, finance public awareness campaigns, and for travel expenses to primatological and anthropological conferences.

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Primate Behavior and Ecology

Ms. Penelope Anderson, Secretary Senior

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