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In the Department of Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning, we are dedicated to preparing exceptional educators who positively impact students' lives.

About the EDTL Department

Our mission is to provide the highest quality teacher education in Washington State through interactive learning experiences, evidence-based practices, and research to enhance our pedagogical knowledge. At EDTL, you will join a community that empowers our teacher candidates to become reflective practitioners who continuously evolve and make a difference in the field of education. Join us as we shape the future of education together.

Undergraduate Majors

Undergraduate majors within EDTL

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Undergraduate Minors

Undergraduate minors within EDTL

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Graduate Degrees and Continuing Professional Development

Information on graduate degrees and continuing professional development opportunities within EDTL

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Faculty and Staff

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EDTL Mission, Values and Vision

EDTL Mission, Values and Vision

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Why Study Education at CWU?

Studying Education at CWU is an opportunity to make a significant contribution to society while preparing for a rewarding career. Here, you'll gain real-world teaching experience in a variety of classroom settings, ensuring that you are well-prepared for your future career. Our graduates leave our program recognized for their practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional readiness. CWU alumni are making a difference in the classrooms of Washington state and beyond.

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“What has made this experience amazing for me are the professors. They’re always so positive and uplifting, and that has carried me through some tough times. Whenever I need to talk to someone, they are there for me. That has meant a lot.”
-Tristan Inocencio, School of Education Alumni

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Department of Education, Development, Teaching & Learning

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