Welcome to the American Indian Studies Program

In the American Indian Studies Program, we seek to build and support cooperative relationships with tribal communities within and around Washington State and other academic institutions, tribal colleges, and the local central Washington community.

About American Indian Studies

In our program, learn about the peoples, cultures, histories, and modern contributions of American Indian and Indigenous communities. Together, we seek to empower a generation of scholars, advocates, and leaders who will contribute to building a brighter and more inclusive future for all.  

Why Choose American Indian Studies at CWU?

Engage in outreach and community service opportunities that will help promote the cultural, educational, economic, and natural resource development of American Indian nations and peoples. A deeper understanding of Pacific Northwest tribal interests and history will also allow you to better work with key tribal co-managers of our shared environmental resources, particularly important in environmental studies, fisheries, wildlife, archaeology, outdoor recreation, and other fields.

Degree Options  

Study the lifeways of American Indian nations and peoples through a diverse range of disciplines, including history, anthropology, linguistics, literature, political science, and environmental studies. 

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder. 


For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact Academic Advising 


The Yakama Nation 

The Ellensburg campus is on lands ceded by the Pshwanapum and other bands and tribes of the Yakama Nation in the Treaty of 1855. View CWU’s comprehensive Land Acknowledgement and learn more about the Yakama Nation.  

Library Research Guide 

Brooks Library has a comprehensive research guide combining articles, databases, journals, and books that discuss American Indian studies. Specific research areas include Tsungani Totem Pole at the library, indigenous women, and two-spirit gender traditions. Check out the American Indian Studies Research Guide.

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