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At CWU, we are building communities—locally and globally. 

About the World Languages Dept.

Our department offers degrees in American Sign Language, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Partnered with the Office of International Studies and Programs, you will have the opportunity to study abroad. We encourage all our students to reach out and build relationships with the global community, on and off campus.

Unique Student Opportunities

World Languages Department contact info and opportunities for students.

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Student Resources

Read about the resources we offer to World Languages students, including our alumni program.

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Undergraduate Programs

Explore the different programs and resources of the World Languages & Cultures department.

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CWU's World Languages Day

Find updates about CWU's World Languages Day and learn what it is.

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Why Study World Languages and Cultures at CWU?

Learning a foreign language can give you a competitive edge in the global market, expand your career horizons, and improve your communication skills. Foreign language degrees are also one of the highest earning humanities degrees.

Degree Options

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder.


For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact Academic Advising.


World Languages Day

Our department hosts the annual World Languages Day. Open to the community, various schools arrive on campus to experience cultures and food from around the world, attend presentations and classes, and interact with our clubs and languages. This event is wildly popular and always pulls in a huge crowd.

Study Abroad

World Languages partners with the Study Abroad office for six languages. So many of our students have travelled abroad and discovered a whole new world and perspective. Interacting with people who speak the language you are studying enables you to learn and understand a culture in a rich and meaningful way.

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