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In the Psychology Department at CWU, discover the intriguing realms of behavior, cognition, and emotion through our courses that expand your knowledge.

About the Psychology Department

Choose from our psychology major, psychology minor, or explore our graduate degree programs in Counseling, School Psychology, and Experimental Psychology. With various degree options available, you will deepen your understanding of the science and practice of psychology, preparing you for diverse career paths or further graduate studies.


Information about the Department of Psychology.

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Undergraduate and graduate programs for the Department of Psychology.

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Community Services

Community services resources provided by the Psychology department.

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Why Study Psychology at CWU?

Our programs can be pursued either in-person or online, opening doors to your academic pursuits. The Psychology Department is a major participant in the general education and undergraduate teacher education sequences of the university and provides selected courses for other majors and programs as appropriate to the discipline.

Degree Options

Tailor your degree to fit your goals and let us be a part of your Central experience.

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder.


For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact Academic Advising.

Are you a graduate student? Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research for admissions information.


Serving the Community

CWU’s Community Counseling and Psychological Assessment Center (CCAP) creates a training space for mental health professionals as they assist individuals and families through offering counseling and psychological services.

We also sponsor the Reading Intervention Center which provides assessment and intervention services for children in Kindergarten - 4th grade who may be experiencing difficulties in reading and literacy development.


Department of Psychology

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