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If the idea of forging your own academic path interests you, then the BS in Interdisciplinary Studies—Social Sciences might be the perfect fit.

About Social Sciences

Our degree gives you the freedom and flexibility to design your own bachelor's program, by blending various disciplines within the social sciences. Whether you're fascinated by sociology, passionate about political science, or intrigued by anthropology, you can mix and match these disciplines, and more, to create a degree program that truly reflects your academic interests.

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Faculty and Staff

Meet the People Behind CWU IDS Program.

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Why Choose Interdisciplinary Studies—Social Sciences at CWU?

As a student in this program, you're encouraged to shape your learning journey in a way that aligns with your goals.

You'll have the opportunity to select specific courses, engage in research projects, and work with faculty mentors that align with your chosen areas of study. We offer degrees both online and in-person, allowing for optimal flexibility, and our program is transfer-friendly, with the option to transfer up to 105 credits from prior learning.

Degree Options

At CWU, we understand that every student's journey is unique, and we believe that your education should reflect that.

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For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact Academic Advising.


Carolynn Pursley graduated in 2023 with major in Interdisciplinary Studies—Social Sciences and a minor in Psychology. Throughout her time at Central, Carolynn dedicated herself toward success in her studies, while also volunteering to provide support and advocacy for people in the Deaf community. Carolyn intends to turn this volunteer experience into a paid professional position after graduation. Once she gains some experience, graduate school is going to be her next step.

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Interdisciplinary Studies Social Sciences

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