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The Wine Studies Program is designed to cultivate a deep understanding of an industry deeply intertwined with the geographical and cultural fabric of Washington state, making CWU a uniquely positioned institution for this field of study.

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Our degrees cover everything from wine distribution to the business and cultural aspects of the wine trade. So, whether you're curious about viticulture, passionate about wine, or motivated to make your mark in the wine industry, turn your passion for wine into a fulfilling career at CWU.


We have two programs working in collaboration: Our Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management program and Wine Studies.

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The mission of the Hospitality, Tourism, Event, and Wine Management Department is to provide educational opportunities.

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Wine studies scholarships page.

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Study Abroad

Our WINE Studies and HTE programs offer opportunities to study abroad with CWU faculty!

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Application To Declare HTE or Wine Major, Minor, Or Certificate.

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Why Choose Wine Studies at CWU?

Our Wine Studies program is tailored not only for those aspiring to build a career in the wine industry—be it in winemaking, wine marketing, or wine tourism—but also for those with an interest in understanding the world of wine. We cater to a wide range of students, from those seeking to turn a personal passion into a professional path, to individuals aiming to supplement their existing knowledge with an understanding of the wine industry. 

Degree Options 

The Wine Studies Program aims to provide outstanding educational opportunities for you through  
collaboration with industry stakeholders and a culture of inclusion that thrives on diversity and global relationships                   


Minors and Certificate

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder. 


For general university admissions information, contact the Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact the Academic Advising Center.

From your local community to the wider world

Global Wine Experiences

Want to study abroad? The Wine Studies Program study abroad trips bring a global perspective to your academic experience. Since 2010, the Wine Studies Program has hosted faculty-led study abroad trips to Europe. Destinations range from France to Hungary to Spain, allowing students to explore the variety of classic and unique wine regions while learning from CWU instructors and international experts.  

Industry-Focused Certificates

If you are already in the wine industry and want to add a certification to your resume, we offer many certifications from Tasting Room Management to becoming a Wine Trade Professional. Our program is sure to add to your knowledge, giving you an edge in the industry.  

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