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Our Wine Studies and HTE programs offer opportunities to study abroad with CWU faculty! Our study abroad trips are excellent options to bring a global perspective to your academic experience. Since 2010, the Wine Studies Program has hosted faculty-led study abroad trips to Europe, with a typical trip lasting 10 - 16 days. Destinations range from France to Hungary to Spain, and our faculty-led programs allow students to explore the variety of classic and unique wine regions while learning from CWU instructors and international expertise. Our study abroad trips are currently taken for 4 credits (WINE 492) and although course content largely focuses on the wine experience, trips also incorporate HTE components as well as other cultural and historical topics.

A study abroad trip with wine studies. A group of students are standing around a sign that says "Cabernet Sauvignon".

Upcoming Faculty-Led Study Abroad Trips

2020: Wineries of France & Germany (postponed)

France is one of the largest wine producers in the world and is the source of many grape varieties, divided by three climate zones. This trip will cover three major wine regions in France, including Champagne, Burgundy and Alsace regions, and one bordering wine region in Germany, Baden (known for Riesling and Pinot Noir). While touring an area rich with history and scenic beauty, we will visit approximately 10 wineries and several iconic sites, including Paris and Strasbourg, France and Heidelberg, Germany. 

Faculty: Carla Jellum, PhD and Jill Perillo Clark, Sommelier


Past Trips, Faculty-Led Study Abroad

2019: Wineries of Southern Spain (Bodegas del sur de España)

Spain claims the most vineyard land in the world. Its wines vary from deep pungent reds to sparkling whites. Students traveled from Madrid through Valencia, Murcia and Andalusia wine regions covering over 1800 kilometers of beautiful scenery, and visit 12 wineries and other points of interest. Southern Spain, in particular, has a long heritage of wine production dating back to the Roman era. Students learned practices of desert climate viticulture and the styles of local white wines and warm-climate red wine. 

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson & Dr. Carla Jellum

2017: Wines of Germany & Switzerland

Students engaged in immersion-based instruction by visiting the major wine regions along Germany's Rhine River: Mosel, Saar, Nahe, Rheingau, Rheinhessen, Rheinfalz and Baden. During the second half of the trip, students traveled to wineries in Jura, Neuchatel, Vaud and Valais and experience the French/German culture of Switzerland. Students learned about the practices of cool climate viticulture and about some of the latest research being conducted in the region. Students also attended ProWein, an International Trade Fair for Wine and Spirits. 

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson

2016: Wines of Tuscany, Italy

Students traveled to the sub regions of Umbria, engaged with Italians at wineries (cantina), meals and individual exploration. One-on-one dialogue about the operations/philosophy/practice of winemaking with winemakers and employees occurred at every cantina visited. Students engaged in in-person visitation to historic sites in Tuscany and Rome for the full sensory experience.

Faculty: Miranda Porterfield

2015: The Northern, Vineyards: Champagne, Alsace & Burgundy, France

Students visited the renown great wine regions of Northern and Eastern France. Stopping in Champagne, Alsace, Burgundy and Beaujolais, the trip offered the atmosphere, the great cuisine and fine wines of these regions. The trip to France ended with a short cooking class in the city that is the culinary center of the world, Lyon. 

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson

2014: Wines of Hungary & Austria

This trip covered wine regions in both Hungary and Austria, where students engaged in sensory analysis and learned about viticulture from international winemakers. 

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson

2013: The Rhone: A River of Wine (France)

Students travelled along the wine regions of the Rhone in France, speaking with winemakers from Lyon to Marseille. Students learned about the geology and climates that influence winemaking as well as learned about the varietals grown in Northern Rhone, Southern Rhone and the coastal region of France.  

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson

2012: Wines of Italy

Faculty: Amy Mumma

2011: Wines of Northern Spain & Portugal

Faculty: Dr. John E. Hudelson

2010: Wines of France

Faculty: Amy Mumma


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