Teacher Preparation is our Legacy

Teacher Education is in our DNA at Central Washington University. It’s why Central was established more than a century ago and it remains one of our most important academic programs. If you want to be a teacher, CWU can prepare you for a bright future in the classroom.

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Whether you have always known you wanted to teach or have just discovered your interest in education, our programs are here to help you grow and build your professional foundation. From endorsements to our advanced degrees, the Wildcat family of educators welcomes you.

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Why Study Education at CWU?

With Washington State facing a teacher shortage, there is great potential for finding a fulfilling and stable career in the field of education. Here at Central, we are one of the top teacher-producing universities in the state, and we want to be a part of your academic and professional journey. Join us as we work to prepare educators for the diverse needs of schools and students.

School of Education

The Education Program prepares you, the next generation of educators, with a commitment to innovative teaching practices and educational equity.

Understanding your Degree Options

We know that selecting your exact academic path can feel overwhelming at times. This tool is meant to assist you in exploring our programs to determine which one best fits your goals. Find out which program is right for you using our helpful program tool.

What program is right for me?

Popular Pathways

Bachelor's Degree and Teacher Certification

We offer a variety of Bachelor’s degrees with teacher certification for first year students, transfer students, and with offerings at several of our campuses. If you are a prospective student interested in undergraduate teacher education, email us and we can direct your inquiry to the right person.

  • Elementary Education - For students interested in becoming general classroom teachers in grades Kindergarten - 8th grade. Students often pair elementary education with an education minor degree, such as bilingual education, literacy, early childhood education, special education, or Teaching English Language Learners (TELL)
  • Secondary Education - For students interested in becoming a high school or middle school subject specific teacher, including CTE teachers. This program must be taken with a second major focused on a content area.
  • Teach STEM - For students interested in becoming a high school or middle school math or science teacher, not including CTE teachers. This program must be taken with a second major.
  • Special Education - The major or minor are intended for students interested in specifically teaching students with exceptionalities in grades Kindergarten - 12th grade
  • Early Childhood - The major or minor are intended for students interested in teaching the youngest learners in Pre-School - 3rd grade.
  • Minors - In addition to the special education and early childhood minors listed above, we offer minor degrees in Bilingual Education, Literacy , and Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) that can be combined with the major degrees listed above.

Post Bachelor's Teacher Certification Pathways

If you already have a Bachelor’s degree, a Master’s degree with teacher certification or an Alternative Pathways program may be right for you. If you are a prospective student interested in teacher education, email us and we can direct your inquiry to the right person.

  • Curriculum, Supervision, & Educational Leadership MAT - A predominantly online program with pathways to teaching at the elementary to the high school levels and in many content areas. There are program plans for paraeducators, career-switchers, and teachers working on conditional certificates.
  • Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning MAT - If you have a Bachelor's degree and are interested in pursuing elementary education and Teaching English Language Learners (TELL) or special education, this program may be right for you. This residency program is only offered in collaboration with certain school districts, so please email us for more information.
  • CTE Business and Industry- Designed for those with three years of industry experience who are interested in transitioning to CTE (career and technical education) teaching.

School Principal, Administration, and Psychology Programs

CWU offers top-notch pathways to becoming a School Principal, School Administrator or School Psychologist.

  • School Administration, MEd - Designed for teachers ready to take on leadership roles in their district. There are pathways to becoming a School Principal or a School Administrator, such as a Special Education Director.
  • School Psychology, EdS -This program leads to the Education Specialist (EdS) degree in school psychology which upon completion leads to eligibility for certification as a School Psychologist in the state of Washington.

Career Advancement

Are you looking to further your teaching career with a Masters degree or by adding endorsements? CWU offers several programs tailored to the needs of working teachers.

  • Curriculum and Instruction M.Ed - An online graduate program for classroom teachers intending to improve their pedagogy or assume leadership positions.
    • STEM Leadership Specialization - This specialization of the M.Ed. is designed to empower teachers to meaningfully integrate multiple STEM disciplines via project-based, culturally responsive teaching practices.
  • Health and Physical Education, MS - Designed for classroom teachers looking for professional development and offers a pathway to add the Health and Fitness endorsement.
  • Family and Consumer Science-GPIDEA - An online program for classroom teachers looking to add the the Family and Consumer Sciences endorsement, earn an initial CTE teaching certificate, or pursue a Master's degree.
  • Adding Endorsements - We offer several programs for certified teachers to add teaching endorsements.

High School Teaching Academies

Established in 2009, the Teacher Academies Program is funded by the Washington State Legislature and supported by the School of Education. We focus on providing alternative pathways into the teaching profession for high school juniors and seniors, while also working to diversify the workforce of Washington teachers. Please visit our website or contact soe@cwu.edu to learn more about this important program.

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