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As a master's student studying curriculum, supervision, and educational leadership, you are embarking on a transformative journey that will shape your understanding of education's vital components. With a focus on curriculum development, you will explore the art of crafting engaging and effective learning experiences for diverse student populations. In the realm of supervision, you will learn the crucial skills necessary to guide and mentor fellow educators, fostering an environment of continuous improvement. Embracing the principles of educational leadership, you will discover the power to inspire and influence positive change within educational institutions, ultimately contributing to the betterment of future generations. Through this academic pursuit, you will gain the knowledge and tools to make a profound impact in the field of education and leave a lasting legacy as an influential leader in shaping the learning experiences of others.

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CWU Women’s History Month Film Series to begin March 5

February 28, 2024


CWU Capital Planning and Projects director appointed to Ellensburg City Council

February 28, 2024


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