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As you walk the hallways and sit in the bustling classrooms, you are surrounded by a community of fellow students in Education Studies, each person a unique combination of backgrounds, interests, and ambitions. You find common ground in shared passions and mutual aspirations, forming bonds over late-night study sessions and group projects. They're just as committed as you are, navigating the complexities of pedagogical theories, grappling with educational policies, and honing their teaching skills. They share their perspectives, broadening your understanding and challenging your views. You learn as much from them as you do from your textbooks and lectures, feeling a sense of camaraderie and collective purpose. Together, you're not just students in an education program - you are emerging educators, future shapers of society, preparing to make a lasting impact on the next generations.

Office of Field Experiences

The Office of Field Experiences works very hard to find you opportunities to work with students in K-12 schools. Finding placements for field experience courses requires asking districts to host you up to six months in advance. Below is the list of information the Office of Field Experience are experts at to answer your questions.

  • Placement application deadlines and required materials for courses.
  • Example teaching resumes and teaching statements.
  • Field Experience Log intructions and troubleshooting.
  • Placement locations and policies.

  • Teacher Certification Program

    The Teacher Certification Program is the program that runs parallel to your major/minor courses needed for your degree. Without full admittance to the TCP, you cannot become a certified teacher in Washington. The program requirements are in addition to your major and minor course requirements. Below is the list of information the Office of Field Experience are experts at to answer your questions.

    • Application and program admission requirements– Being fully admitted to the Teacher Certification program is a requirement in addition to your major and minor.
    • Schedule a fingerprinting appointment to participate in courses working with K-12 students. Valid for two calendar years.
    • Purchase liability insurance to participate in courses working with K-12 students. Valid for on academic year.
    • Student resources and commonly asked questions.
    • Final certification requirements.
  • Academic Advisor

    Your Education Advisor is your “go-to” for questions about courses and major requirements. They will help connect you to the right people to get your questions answered.

    Contact for assistance getting an Education Advisor!

  • Registar Services

    The Office of the Registrar houses many important services related to your quarterly processes as a student. Enrollment, transcripts, degree checkout, catalogs, and scheduling are all processes housed by this department.

    • If you have questions about the status of a course substitution.
    • Applying for graduation is an additional step you must complete by the posted deadlines. School of Education does not apply for you!
    • Awarding your degree is completed by Degree Checkout. The Teacher Certification Program and the Office of Field Experiences have no influence over this process.

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