Undeclared Students

Not sure what you want to major in? Let us help you explore!

Exploratory Advising provides essential advising support for students who are exploring their academic major options. Advisors in this area will guide informed decision making and utilize student development theories and proactive advising strategies to support student’s educational goals. 

Located in the Learning Commons, Exploratory Advising offers in person and virtual appointments to students who are exploring their major options.  

Resources to Help You Start Exploring 

Check out the CWU Catalog 

  • You can review a list of majors and their requirements in the Catalog. Sometimes you can get a sense of it just by reading through the course descriptions. 
  • Cross off what you don't want to do, write down what sounds interesting, and make a note to look up new majors you might not know much about! 

Reading information in the catalog is a great first step, but more information should be sought using a variety of resources, such as:  

Once you have gathered information on your top 1-3 majors, you can review that information.

  • Create pros/cons or likes/dislikes 
  • Talk through your thoughts on each major with your advisor or a trusted mentor 
  • Engage in reflection or journaling 
  • Pursue job shadowing or informational interviewing 
  • Find out what other information or experiences you need before making a decision

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