What Can I Do with a Major in...?

Choosing Majors and Careers

Trying to choose a major? Wondering what you can do with the major you've chosen? Not sure how college, careers, and skills relate?

This page is here to help you connect the dots, linking CWU majors and careers, using materials created by the University of Tennessee. Below, you'll find an alphabetical list of CWU's majors. Following each will be one or more corresponding areas of study. Clicking one of these will take you to a document with career information.

Please note that not all of CWU's majors have direct correlation with the resources provided by the University of Tennessee, although we have done our best to match them as closely as possible. If you have any questions about the information provided or want to talk to a career counselor about choosing a major, you can book an appointment online, call us at (509) 963-1921, or email Career Services.

This page contains links to documents created outside of Central Washington University, with permission of the creators. The content of such pages has not been reviewed or approved by Central Washington University.

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