Major Advising

Once you declare a major or indicate interest in a major, you will be assigned an advisor within that college.

Check out advising information about your program and make an appointment with your advisor to get started on your academic journey.

College of Arts and Humanities

From Film Studies to French, the College of Arts and Humanities Academic Advising provides you with guidance and direction in academic and career exploration.

College of Arts and Humanities
Phone: (509) 963-1858

College of Business

The College of Business Academic Advising team offers each student personalized guidance and support to ensure academic success and career development.

College of Business
Phone: (509) 963-2930

College of Education and Professional Studies

CEPS Advising supports programs from Mechanical Engineering to Elementary Education. Our team goes above and beyond, providing valuable insights and resources for your professional growth.

College of Education and Professional Studies
Phone: (509) 963-2077

College of the Sciences

COTS Advising is here to empower you to take ownership of your academic path, and also provide the support needed to navigate that path.

College of the Sciences
Phone: (509) 963-1498

Douglas Honors College

The Douglas Honors College Advising offers highly specialized and individualized advising services, cultivating a community intellectual curiosity and helping you achieve your fullest potential.

Douglas Honors College
Phone: (509) 963-1900

Exploratory Advising

At Exploratory Advising, we are here to provide you with essential advising support as you explore your academic major options. Our advisors will guide you in making informed decisions to support your educational goals.

Exploratory Advising
Phone: (509) 963-2722


How do I know what advising area supports my major?

Each major at CWU is overseen by an academic college. Each college has an advising team. Find your major in the list below to see what college they are in.

College of Arts and Humanities:

  • Art BFA, Graphic Design
  • Art BFA, Studio Art
  • Art Education Major, BA
  • Art Major, BA
  • Asian Studies Major, BA
  • Communication Major, BA
  • Comparative Religion Major, BA
  • Deaf & Sign Language Studies, BA
  • English Language & Literature Major, BA
  • English Language Arts Teaching Major, BA
  • English Professional & Creative Writing, BA
  • Film Major, BA
  • French Studies Major, BA
  • History Major, BA
  • History Social Studies Teaching, BA
  • Japanese Major, BA
  • Liberal Studies Major, BA
  • Media & Journalism Major, BA
  • Middle-level Humanities Teaching Major, BA
  • Music Composition Major, BM
  • Music Education Major BM, Choral Music
  • Music Education Major BM, Instrumental Music
  • Music Major, BA
  • Music Performance Major BM, Keyboard
  • Music Performance Major BM, Percussion/Wind/String
  • Music Performance Major BM, Vocal
  • Musical Theatre, BFA
  • Philosophy Major, BA
  • Public Relations Major, BA
  • Russian Studies Major, BA
  • Spanish Major BA, Applied Linguistics
  • Spanish Major BA, Translation & Interpretation
  • Spanish Major, BA
  • Theatre Design & Production, BFA
  • Theatre Education, BFA
  • Theatre Performance, BFA
  • Theatre Studies, BA

College of Business:

  • Accounting Major, BS
  • Business Administration BS, Business Analytics
  • Business Administration BS, Finance
  • Business Administration BS, General Business
  • Business Administration BS, Human Resource Management
  • Business Administration BS, Leadership & Management
  • Business Administration BS, Marketing Management
  • Business Administration BS, Personal Financial Planning
  • Business Administration BS, Supply Chain Management
  • Economics BS, Economic & Business Forecasting
  • Economics BS, General Economics
  • Economics BS, Managerial Economics
  • Entrepreneurship Major, BS
  • Personal Financial Planning, BS
  • Supply Chain Management, BAS

College of Education and Professional Studies:

  • Apparel, Textiles & Merchandising Major BS, Fashion Marketing
  • Apparel, Textiles & Merchandising Major, BS
  • Aviation Management BS, Aviation Management
  • Aviation Management BS, Maintenance Management
  • Aviation: Professional Pilot BS, Commercial Pilot
  • Aviation: Professional Pilot BS, Flight Officer
  • Business & Marketing Education Major, BS
  • Child Development & Family Science Major BS, Child Development
  • Child Development & Family Science Major BS, Child Life
  • Child Development & Family Science Major BS, Family Science
  • Clinical Physiology Major, BS
  • Construction Management Major, BS
  • Dance Major, BA
  • Early Childhood Education Major, BA
  • Electronics Engineering Technology Major, BS
  • Elementary Education Major, BAEd
  • EMS Paramedicine Major, BS
  • Exercise Science Major, BS
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Career & Technical Education Teaching Major, BS
  • Family & Consumer Sciences Major, BA
  • Food Science & Nutrition BS, Dietetics
  • Food Science & Nutrition BS, Foods & Nutrition
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management BS, Event Management
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management BS, Hospitality Management
  • Hospitality, Tourism & Event Management BS, Tourism Management
  • Industrial Engineering Technology Major, BS
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BAS, Information Technology
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS or BAS, Administrative Management
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS or BAS, Cybersecurity
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS or BAS, Data-driven Innovation for IT Managers
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS or BAS, Project Management
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS, Human Centered Digital Systems
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS, Network Administration & Management
  • Information Technology & Administrative Management BS, Retail Technology Management
  • Instructional Foundations, BA
  • Mechanical Engineering Technology Major, BS
  • Physical Education & School Health Major, BS
  • Public Health BS, Population Health
  • Risk, Insurance, & Safety Management, BAS
  • Risk, Insurance, & Safety Management, BS
  • Safety & Health Management Major, BS
  • Special Education (P-12) Major, BAEd
  • Sport Management BS, Recreation Management
  • Sport Management BS, Sport Business
  • Sport Management BS, Sport Coaching
  • Sport Management BS, Sports Communication
  • Technology Education Broad Area Major, BS
  • Technology Education Major, BS
  • Wine Studies BS, Global Wine Studies
  • Wine Studies BS, Wine Industry Management
  • Pre-Chiropractic Medicine
  • Pre-Dental Hygiene
  • Pre-Dietetics
  • Pre-Nursing in Public Health
  • Pre-Occupational Therapy
  • Pre-Physical Therapy
  • Public Health BS, Pre-Nursing

College of the Sciences:

  • Actuarial Science Major, BS
  • Anthropology Major, BS
  • Applied Mathematics Major, BS
  • Biochemistry Major, BA or BS
  • Biology BS, Biomedical Science
  • Biology BS, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
  • Biology BS, General Biology
  • Biology BS, Molecular & Cell Biology
  • Biology Major, BA
  • Chemistry Major, BA or BS
  • Computer Science Major, BS
  • Craft Brewing, BS
  • Data Science BS, Computational Data Science
  • Data Science BS, Statistical Data Science
  • Dual-degree Physics/Engineering Program
  • Environmental Geological Sciences Major, BS
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Anthropology
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Biology
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Geography
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Geology
  • Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Policy
  • Geography BS, Environmental & Resource Geography
  • Geography BS, GIScience
  • Geography Major, BA
  • Geology Major, BA or BS
  • Integrated Energy Management BS, Integrated Energy Business
  • Integrated Energy Management BS, Integrated Energy Policy
  • Integrated Energy Management BS, Integrated Power Systems
  • Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Sciences, BS
  • Law & Justice Major, BA
  • Mathematics Major, BS
  • Mathematics: Middle-Level Education, BA
  • Mathematics: Secondary Education, BA
  • Physics Major BS, Biophysics
  • Physics Major, BA or BS
  • Political Science Major, BA
  • Primate Behavior & Ecology Major, BS
  • Psychology Major, BA
  • Public Policy, BS
  • Science: Middle-Level Education, BA
  • Social Services Major, BS
  • Sociology Major, BA
  • STEM Teaching Program, BA
  • Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Major, BA
  • Pre-Dentistry
  • Pre-Engineering
  • Pre-Law
  • Pre-Medical Technology
  • Pre-Medicine
  • Pre-Pharmacy
  • Pre-Physician Assistant
  • Pre-Respiratory Therapy
  • Pre-Veterinary

Exploratory Advising

  • Undecided or Exploring

Douglas Honors College Program Advising

  • William O. Douglas Honors College Program 


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