Performance Reviews

Important Update

The CWU ePerformance system is temporarily out of use while we give it a bit of a makeover. We will kick things off again with the new and improved version at the start of the next fiscal year (July 2024). 

In the meantime, please continue to have regular coaching conversations with your direct reports and set goals as needed (outside of the system). Note: If you have probationary or trial service documents to process prior to July 2024, you will be notified directly.

Navigating Change with Ease: Optional Tools

We understand that transitions can be challenging. To assist you during this period, we’ve crafted a couple of specialized templates. These resources are entirely optional and designed to enhance your experience and efficiency.

Change Management Supporting Materials

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ePerformance Process

  • Overview

    Supervisors are responsible for conducting annual performance evaluations for each permanent employee. This includes defining success, discussing development, providing year-round coaching and feedback, and evaluating end-of-year performance.

    Exceptions for Student and Temporary Employees

    Formal performance reviews are not mandatory for student and temporary employees. However, regular, informal discussions about performance and development are strongly advised.

  • Probationary, Trial Services and/or Transition Reviews - Civil Service Employees

    • Employees serving a probationary, trial service and/or transition period must be formally evaluated before the end of the third month of service in a position. It is strongly recommended that employees be evaluated monthly during the initial review period.
    • A Performance Document with start and end dates specific to the probationary, trial service or transition period is created within the system. At the end of the probationary, trial service or transition period, the supervisor will meet with the employee for the final feedback session and to complete the final assessment. The supervisor will then submit the performance document for approval within the system.
    • When the employee has successfully completed the probationary, trial service or transition period, another Performance Document will be created within the system. It will start with the end of the probationary, trial service or transition period and end with the end of the fiscal year.

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