Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE)

Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) is a labor union representing state agency and higher education employees in Washington.

A single collective bargaining agreement (CBA) covers employees in certain civil service positions. Members are organized into a single bargaining unit.

CWU has two WFSE bargaining units. Descriptions last updated by PERC Decision 13131 (January 2020)

  • All full-time and regular part-time nonsupervisory custodial, trades, food services, grounds, plant maintenance, and security employees, excluding supervisors, uniformed personnel, and all other employees.
  • All nonsupervisory uniformed personnel employed by Central Washington University, excluding confidential employees, internal auditors, supervisors, and employees included in any other bargaining unit.

WFSE General Representatives (PDF) (9-19-2023)

2023-2025 CWU/WFSE General Agreement

2021-2023 CWU/WFSE General Agreement

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