Student Employees

New Student Employee Checklist

Steps to take before and during your first week of employment, including required forms and common inquiries.
  • Required Forms
    I-9 Form

    An I-9 form is used to verify the identity of individuals hired for employment in the United States (US Citizenship & Immigration Services).

    Students will receive an automated email explaining how to access self-service and initiate the I-9 (unless one is already on file) no later than the first day of work. Access this in MyCWU:

    Main Menu > Human Resources > Self-Service > Personal Information > Complete and Submit I-9 Form

    Once the I-9 has been initiated the student will need to bring required identification (must be original documents and not expired) to Human Resources for verification no later than the 3rd day of work. List of acceptable documents (PDF).

    International Students, please complete the I-9 form at the Office of International Studies and Programs at the International Center, Hebeler Hall 102.

    Students at the Centers can bring in their documents to be verified at the appropriate Center. that you need to bring in to verify your I-9 after you have submitted the first part online.

    W-4 Form

    The W-4 form is used by employers to determine the correct amount of tax withholding to deduct from employees' wages (IRS).

    Automatically defaults to "Single, 0".

    If you would like to change this, login to MyCWU > Main Menu > Human Resources > Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > W-4 Tax Information

    W-2 Form

    The W-2 form is a Wage and Tax Statement and is used to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them.

    It is a Year End Tax Statement sent out from Payroll by the end of January for the previous year worked. If you have any questions, please call (509) 963-2221 or email us.

    1098-T Form

    The 1098-T form is a Tuition Statement and Financial Aid form used for taxes. If you have any questions, please call (509) 963-1611.

    PERS Waiver Form

    Public Employee's Retirement System (PERS) Waiver form is a required form for student employees that says you acknowledge that you do not qualify for retirement. It needs to be turned in/filled out in HR, Mitchell Hall First Floor.

  • Required Student Training

    Visit the Student Employees section of the Required Training page for links and instructions.

  • Student Work Hours & Restrictions

    Your work hours will be determined by you and your supervisor. Normally, work hours can be arranged around your class schedule. Some jobs may require specific hours which cannot change to fit your class schedule during a future term. Discuss the flexibility of work hours with your supervisor before you accept the position to avoid future problems.

    If you know that you will have sports or other commitments in a certain quarter, bring this up during the interview so that you and the supervisor are clear on expectations.

    If you need to miss work for any reason, make sure you have a clear understanding from your supervisor on the policy for coming in late, missing a shift, finding a substitute, etc.

    Student Eligibility & Maximum Work Hours

    *International student employees CAN NEVER exceed 20 hours per week during the quarter while classes are in session; there are very severe penalties for students and employers who exceed their limits. Non-international students can average their hours over the month.

  • Getting Paid
    Direct Deposit

    Getting paid through Direct Deposit is easy and fast. No waiting around for a check in the mail that might get lost. You can sign up in your MyCWU account:

    Login to MyCWU > Main Menu > Human Resources > Self-Service > Payroll and Compensation > Direct Deposit

    Pay Days

    You will be paid on the 10th and 25th of every month. When you work the 1st through the 15th of a month, you will be paid for that time on the 25th of that month. When you work the 16th through the end of the month, you will be paid for that time on the 10th of the following month.

    If pay day falls on a Saturday you will be paid Friday. If pay day falls on a Sunday you will be paid Monday. If pay day falls on a holiday you will be paid the day before.
    A student's first pay check may be delayed by one pay date if their complete hiring documents are not submitted to Student Employment by the first day of the pay period during which they begin working.

    Students may pick up pay checks at the Cashier's Office, Bouillon Hall, 101 (bring picture ID). CWU encourages direct deposit for students.

    Employers cannot deny pay for hours worked, and may not withhold pay for more than one pay period. If payment is delayed by more than one pay date, the student should contact Student Employment for assistance. It may be that hiring forms were not submitted, or there may be some other difficulty.

    View Your Paycheck

    To view your paycheck you can do it two ways.

    1. Login to MyCWU > Click Content in the upper left hand corner > Check the box next to View Paycheck > Click Save > Find the View Paycheck pagelet on your MyPage > Click View Paychecks
    2. Login to MyCWU > Main Menu > Human Resources > Self Service > Payroll and Compensation > View Paycheck
  • Sick Leave

    Starting January 1, 2018, employers are required to provide paid sick leave (SL) to most employees under Initiative 1433 (I-1433).

    For more information please visit the Paid Sick Leave FAQs page.

  • Professional Development for Student Employees

    SLICE is Student Leadership, Involvement, and Community Engagement. SLICE provides CWU students with leadership, service and personal development opportunities throughout the year. These programs vary, from helping the community in which CWU resides to bringing in professionals from companies across the country. We develop partnerships on campus and in the community that promote student development, shared governance and overall commitment to our communities.

  • Additional Recommended Learning

    Visit the Recommended Learning - Students page for links and instructions.

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