Temporary/Hourly Employees

Process in Hiring a Temporary or Hourly Employee

CWU employs temporary employees to meet short-term and intermittent workload needs.

Temporary/Hourly appointments may not exceed 1,050 hours in a twelve consecutive month period from the original date of hire.

Hiring a Temporary/Hourly Employee?

The Hiring Team is here to help.

Refer to the Recruiting Solutions User Guide for instructions on managing applicants.

*Reminder: A background check must clear and required paperwork be completed before your temporary/hourly employee may begin work. To ensure compliance with federal laws, consult with the Hiring Team before offering your position.

Hiring Temporary/Hourly Employee Procedure Checklist

  • Preparing Position
    • In conjunction with the Hiring Team, determine title, job code, length of appointment, pay rate, bargaining unit potential, and benefit eligibility.
    • Submit Manager Self Service (MSS) action via MyCWU as described below.
      [Refer to Recruiting Solutions User Guide page 2 for additional instructions.]
      • I want to:
        • Hire an individual I've already identified or find someone in an existing pool of applicants:
          • Submit ‘request position change’ or ‘request new position’ to prepare position.
          • Notify candidates to apply to appropriate pool through the Careers at Central web page.
          • Note Current CWU Students and Employees: Please search and apply through MyCWU by navigating to the Student or Employee Dashboard.
        • Rehire a temporary employee who worked with me within the last 12 months:
          • Rehire via 'request position change'
          • In 'comments' section, include: name and employee ID
        • Transfer my current student employee to a temporary employee:
          • If transferring into a new temporary position: submit ‘request new position,’ then ‘transfer’ student into the new position.
          • If transferring into an existing temporary position: submit ‘request position change’ if you need to update the position, then ‘transfer’ student into position.
        • Post and advertise to find a new temporary employee:
          • Submit ‘request position change’ or ‘request new position’
          • The Hiring Team will work with you to post your job

    If the temporary/hourly employee will be working for CWU out of state, refer to the procedure for hiring an employee to work outside of Washington State.

  • Selection Process
    1. Review applicants online - the Hiring Team will provide access to applicant pools as requested.
    2. If needed, interview questions are available online - remember to review the ‘don’t ask’ list.
    3. Interview and select finalist as necessary.
    4. Call top candidate and offer the job contingent on a successful background check (confirm start date after receiving 'job offer confirmation' email)

    *A background check must be completed for final candidate prior to a confirming offer.

  • Hiring and Onboarding Process

    1. Submit 'prepare job offer' online: Main Menu> Human Resources>Recruiting> Browse Job Openings. Click on posting, find applicant, select ‘Other Actions,’ then Recruitment Actions> Prepare Job Offer. Select position number, enter proposed start date, check “Notify Applicants,” enter job offer component “Hourly Pay” with rate, add mail stop and end date in comments section, and submit for approval. [Refer to Recruiting Solutions User Guide page 9.]
    2. Notify applicant to watch for email from “HireRight” to consent to background check.
    3. Upon receipt of “Job Offer has been Approved" email, accept job offer in Recruiting Solutions.
    4. Submit online Temporary Appointment Form (TAF) (when prompted, please enter your CWU credentials - username@cwu.edu and password)
    5. Remind employee to report to HR to complete I-9. If I-9 is not completed by the end of the third day after your employee begins work, the job will be terminated and your employee may no longer work as he or she has not proven eligibility to be employed in the United States.
    6. Do one of the following:
    7. Welcome your new employee!

  • Important Reminders

    • If the temporary/hourly work is similar to that performed by a represented, classified employee on cyclic leave, the work must first be offered to the classified employee.
    • Temporary/hourly employees are generally not eligible for insurance coverage. However, eligibility is based on working an average of eighty hours per month for more than six months. If the threshold is met, employer contribution toward benefits is required. If eligibility is anticipated at the onset of the position, benefit enrollment must occur at that time. Under Washington State law, employees cannot be misclassified to avoid paying benefits.
    • If a student is taking less than 6 undergraduate or 5 graduate credits, the individual must be hired as a temporary/hourly employee. The student assignment must be ended in Manager Self Service prior to the temporary/hourly assignment beginning.

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