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What our clients have to say

"You guys are amazing! The student just checked out the tactiles that you sent! He was very impressed and it is going to make a huge difference."

"I did receive the box with the information you sent. Thank you so much. The student is so excited. He was so amazed with the sections of the book you sent. Your staff did an awesome job.  His words, and I agree... I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know for Braille."

"I was very much pleased with the quality and quickness of your services."

"Thank you for your email and great service in producing tactiles for us last semester."


Feedback from student clients

"The PDF versions of my textbooks from previous quarters have been working fantastic.  Selectable PDF’s allow me to selectable text to search for missed words and terms, as well as use Balabolka to speak it out loud while being able to follow- along with the text."


"Thanks again for all your hard work!  These PDF's really make life a whole lot easier for me and my reading issue.  I have so much versatility with how I can access the information for my studies."

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