Wildcat Bucks

Use Wildcat Bucks and Save!

You can think of Wildcat Bucks as CWU's very own currency. Using Wildcat Bucks unlocks discounts campus wide. Save 10% off MSRP and pay no sales tax when purchasing food, espresso, or market items on campus. Also, Wildcat Bucks can be used at the Wildcat Shop and with select off-campus vendors!

Saves 10% at ANY CWU Dining Location!

A map of CWU Dining. It focuses on the SURC which is where Central Marketplace and Holme Dining Room is. The SURC is near Black hall. At Central Marketplace you can get Fresh Bar, El Gato, Lion's Rock, and Pizza, Pasta, & Panini. At Holmes dining you can get Sesame Ginger, Comfort Kitchen, or Eggs & CO.

What is it?

Wildcat Bucks are for anyone with a valid Connection Card who wants the convenience and savings of paying for food with their card and the benefits of the discounts. It is completely risk free. You can add money any time, there are no fees, it never expires, and it is refundable.

Where can I use it?

All CWU Dining Services locations, including all restaurants, coffee shops, and markets.

You can also use your Wildcat Bucks at select off-campus locations:

18th Street Deli Logo 18th Street Deli and Grocery
Rite Aid Logo Rite Aid
Subway Logo Subway on University Way
McDonalds Logo McDonald's on Canyon Road
509 Philly Stop Logo 509 Philly Stop
509 Philly Stop Logo Ellensburg Island Fusion

Are you a local business interested in joining the Wildcat Bucks Off Campus program?

How do I get it?

There is no minimum to open the account but money must be on the card before you can use it. Money can be added any time at the following locations:

*** Money remains on the card as long as you are affiliated with CWU ***

Questions? Contact the Connection Card Office:

SURC Info Center - (509) 963-2711. - concard@cwu.edu

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