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Here you'll find questions and answers for the things about which we are contacted most frequently.
  • How do I replace/deactivate my Connection Card if it is lost or stolen?

    • Report lost card to the Connection Card Office immediately. You can do this over the phone, in person, or on the GET App.
    • Card will be deactivated
    • Replace lost card in the Connection Card Office
    • $35 Replacement Fee
    • Fee may be charged to Student Account, or you can use check or card
    • Old card is invalidated as soon as new card is created and printed

  • Can I take someone else to lunch using my meal plan?

    Absolutely! Take a friend, roommate, parent or guest anywhere your meal plan is accepted. You need to be present as cards cannot be loaned. Your discounted student price will be applied to each person.

  • What do I do if I run out of food money?

    First, don't panic. This does happen on occasion. Money can be added to your meal plan if you have either plan A or B. Some rules apply, so please see Dining Services' website. You can always just pay with a debit card, but you'll get a better deal and greater convenience by visiting the Connection Card Office and adding money to your plan. If you have plan C or D, you cannot add money to those plans, but you should add money to the Wildcat Bucks account. It will give you a discount, and is much more convenient that paying with cash or credit. Add money to your wildcat bucks online.

  • What is the Connection Card Office?

    The Connection Card Office is located in the SURC Info Center. The Connection Card Office manages the functions of your Connection Card, which includes the money on your meal plan as well as any additional money on the Wildcat Bucks account. The Connection Card Office is the primary location to make any changes to your meal plan or to add money to your meal plan or other plans.

  • Why do meal plans cost more during fall quarter, less during winter quarter, and even less in the spring?

    There are tremendous costs to operate the Dining facilities, with the majority of those expenses incurred at the beginning of the school year. For example, many of our large warehouse purchases are made at that time. Overall, our bulk purchasing saves money which allows us to pass those savings on to you for the rest of the year. This makes student finances a little tighter in the fall, but offers some relief in both the winter and spring quarters. Most students seem to appreciate the lower costs as the academic year advances.

  • I paid $2066.00 for meals but my dining dollars are $730 - Why?

    This is the most frequently asked question of all. $2066 of your money is applied to overhead. Overhead is all of the costs associated with the production of meals. This includes wages, ordering, preparing, serving and clean-up as well as costs like electricity, maintenance, etc. The good news is that because you pay the overhead upfront what you actually pay in Dining Dollars is just the cost of the food. Even a burger, fries and drink will only take a few bucks off your card. You will pay 65% less at a prepared food venue, 20% less at the coffee bar and smoothie kiosk, and 20% less at the convenience stores on campus.

  • Why are price discounts different in different venues?

    The discounts are different because the costs to operate the locations are different. There is much more labor and maintenance overhead cost in a food venue than in a coffee kiosk. The overhead you've paid covers the greater costs in the prepared food venues and is why your discount is higher there. Your best value is at the prepared food venues.

  • Can I spend my Dining Dollars in the Wildcat Shop?

    No. Meal plans are designed to meet the nutritional needs of students. Sweatshirts in the bookstore, while good-looking, warm and fuzzy, are low in nutritional value when compared to a lunch or dinner in the Holmes Dining Room. However, if you put money on the Connection Card Wildcat Bucks plan you can use those funds in the Wildcat Shop or anywhere else that the Connection Card is accepted.

  • How do I leave feedback for CWU's Dining Services?

    There are 6 ways to provide input to Dining Services:

    • Fill out a comment card located in any of the dining venues.
    • Send an email to dining@cwu.edu.
    • Take one of our customer surveys provided periodically throughout the quarter.
    • Tell a member of the Dining Services team.
    • Talk to the Student Dining Advisory Committee through ASCWU.
    • Take a web-based survey provided periodically on the Dining Services web site.
If you do not find the information you are after please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will do our best to make sure you're taken care of.

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