CCO Policies and Financial Institution Agreements

Transparency is paramount to trust, and so here are the agreements between CWU and financial institutions pursuant to the Department of Educations recommendations on the matter. Additionally, you will find any policies relevant to the issuance and use of a Connection Card, Wildcat Bucks, and the Maxx Card.


  • The card is the property of CWU.
  • The card must be carried at all times and presented to University officials upon request.
  • You are only allowed one active CWU ID at a time.
  • Unauthorized Use
    • Unauthorized use of the card warrants confiscation, fine (up to $100.00) and/or disciplinary action.
    • Examples of unauthorized use of the card include allowing other people to use your card or trying to use a card that is not yours.
  • Loss of Card
    • Please report loss of your Campus Connection Card immediately so that it can be disabled.
    • Central Washington University is not responsible for meals or money spent on a lost debit card.
    • Replacement cards are available at the Connection Card office.
    • There is a replacement cost of $35. Any time a new card is issued, your old Connection Card will no longer work.
    • When cards are replaced, the old card is inactivated and will no longer work. Cards cannot be reactivated. If you find a lost card after you have purchased a replacement card, the old card can not be reactivated.
  • Damaged Cards
    • Cards that show signs of normal wear and tear, that no longer work, can be replaced for FREE as long as the card is brought into the office. We cut up the card and it is not returned to the student.
    • Cards that appear to be damaged because of improper usage will be replaced at the standard rate of $35. Improper usage includes the following: hole punches, excessive bending, tape, stickers, bite marks, and writing on the card.

Dining debit plan policies

Visit Dining Services for the latest information.

U.S. Bank Maxx Card Door Access

U.S. Bank Maxx cardholders that need smart card access for doors will be issued a separate keycard. Your Maxx card will still function like a Connection Card in all aspects except to open non-swipe door readers. If you have a Maxx card, and need smart card access, please come to the Connection Card office, and we will issue you a keycard free of charge.

Laundry Policies

To use the Connection Card at laundry facilities, you must deposit money on to your Wildcat Bucks plan.

Door Access Policies

To gain access to doors unlocked by the Connection Card, you must contact ORS for laundry/dorm access or the Facilities Management Lock Shop (963-2917) for other facility access.

Wildcat Bucks Plan Policies

  • The Wildcat Bucks account is not a credit plan. Money must be placed in your account before you can spend it.
  • To place money in your account, go to the Cashier's Office in Bouillon Hall (pay with cash, check, or credit card,) the Connection Card office (pay with cash, check, debit or credit card.), or click here: CBORD Online Access
  • When making purchases that exceed the amount in your Wildcat Bucks account, you must pay the remaining amount with cash, check, or credit card (depending on the location).
  • The Connection Card draws from different accounts. Money can be added to the Wildcat Bucks account along with money on a Residential meal plan.
  • Using a Connection Card at a Dining location takes money from Dining accounts first, then deducts from the Wildcat Bucks.
  • Any other location (Library, Laundry, Bookstore) takes money from the Wildcat Bucks plan as well.

Wildcat Shop policies

The Wildcat Shop accepts Wildcat Bucks for purchases, but purchases made at the Wildcat Shop are not eligible for the 10% discount.

Financial Institution Agreements

The Department of Education has adopted a new cash management rule that requires schools to disclose certain information regarding their agreements with financial institutions. CWU's agreement with U.S. Bank to provide a product through the Connection Card classifies us as a Tier 2 Arrangement.

U.S. Bank

DOE Cash Management Regulations us-bank-doe-data-2022-2023-cwu.jpg

Your Deposit Account Agreement

U.S. Bank Deposit Account Agreement & Generic Terms & Conditions

Third Amendment Branch Lease

Third Amendment to The Branch Lease - Fully Executed

U.S. Bank Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement Between U.S. Bank and Central Washington University

Maxx Signed Contract

Maxx Card Agreement Between U.S. Bank and Central Washington University

Second Amendment to CWU Card

Second Amendment to Central Washington University ID Card and Banking Services Agreement

CWU ID Card Amendment

Amendment To ID Card and Banking Services Agreement

DOE Disclosure

U.S. Bank Consumer Pricing Information - U.S. Bank Smartly Checking

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