Managing Your Meal Plan and Dining Dollars

CWU's Residential and Apartment Meal Plans are the premier way to access our vast collection of on campus restaurants and cafes.

Participation in a dining plan means you're enabling our network of student-operated providers to budget much more accurately, which in turn leads to longer hours of operation, greater variety of choices and higher quality ingredients.

By front-loading all of our Dining Overhead Expenses, we can operate at an economy of scale sufficient to earn our place as one of the most affordable and complete nutritional solutions in the state. The kitchen is the heart of many homes, and CWU's Dining Services is driven in providing students with the same sense of care and security. As an army marches on its stomach, students grow and learn on theirs.

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What If I Run Out of Dining Dollars

A variety of meal plans have been developed with student habits in mind. Our residential and dining staff makes every effort to educate students in examining their lifestyle to assist in making a proper meal plan selection. We also understand that mistakes happen. Some students find that they have chosen a plan incompatible with their eating habits or, for a variety of reasons, students run too low on meal plan funds as the quarter progresses.

Meal plan changes can be made in the Connection Card Office during the Add/Drop period only. Additional money can be added at any time during the quarter in the Connection Card Office, depending on the plan chosen.

Can I Add Dining Dollars?

Students who have meal plan A or B may deposit any amount of money on their Dining Dollars account. There is no overhead taken out of the deposit, so a $20 deposit equals $20 Dining Dollars on your card along with the 65% discount at Dining locations!

Students who have plans C or D may add money ONLY to the Wildcat Bucks plan - not to their Dining Dollars account. It is important that you add additional funds to your Wildcat Bucks plan so that you receive the 10% discount off of retail prices, as opposed to paying with cash.

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Meal Plan Changes

Do you have a large balance left on your meal plan? Do you keep running out of money on your card? If so, you may want to change your meal plan!

If your meal plan is not the right one for you, please feel free to change it. You can change it online through MyCWU, or in our office during the add/drop period at the beginning of each quarter. You cannot change your meal plan over the phone.

Please Note: Meal Plan changes must be done before the last day of add/drop each quarter. You cannot change a meal plan after the end of add/drop, and you can only make one change per quarter.

To change your meal plan, do one of the follilowing by the end of add/drop each quarter:

  • Log in to MyCWU.
    • Click the "Student" tab at the top
    • Click the "University Housing" link on the left side
    • Under the Housing link, click on the "My Housing" sub-link.
    • On the left-hand menu, select "Dining Choice."
    • Select "Dining Plans."
    • You will then have the option to change your plan.
  • Come in to the Connection Card Office during add/drop and fill out a Meal Plan change form.

Apartment Meal Plans

Apartment Meal Plan sign-ups are now closed. The next time you can select an Apartment Meal Plan will be for 2024 Spring Quarter starting on March 18th.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free contact Andrew Caveness.

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