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Oral Presentations at SOURCE

Oral presentations on similar topics are grouped together into blocks of three to four related talks.  Each presentation is allotted 15 minutes with an additional 3 minutes for audience questions.

Visual aids such as PowerPoint or Prezi presentations or videos are strongly encouraged. All presentation rooms are equipped with a computer, projector, internet, and screen.  If additional accommodations are needed, please indicate this when you submit your abstract

How to create a Power Point for your Oral presentation

What should I know about the oral presentation format?

  • Oral presentations should be no longer than 15 minutes in length. This limit is strictly enforced. You will have an additional 3 minutes for Q&A.
  • Your presentation should be tailored to an educated, but non-field expert audience.
  • Your presentation may be accompanied by a visual slide show (e.g., PowerPoint) and/or handout for the audience.
  • Your presentation may include a live demonstration, performance, and/or audience participation.
  • You should practice and time your presentation prior to the day of SOURCE.
  • You should plan to load your Powerpoint presentation on a session computer the night before SOURCE in the Student Union and Recreation Center (further details will be provided after your submission is accepted).

Should I do an oral presentation?

An oral presentation is a good option for submitters whose projects are characterized by exploration of a question, hypothesis, process or problem. Examples of such projects include senior seminar or thesis, descriptive, correlational, or experimental research, independent studies, or creative capstone projects. Business plans and panel presentations are also included in this category.

What if more than one student wants to present on a project?

Students may allocate their 15 minutes of presentation time in whatever manner they prefer. For projects with three or more presenters, a double session or panel session may be requested and must be approved by the SOURCE committee.

Should I sign-up for a creative expression or oral presentation?

If your primary intent is to discuss the process of or influences on a creative activity, an oral presentation may be the most appropriate choice. If, however, your intent is to present the product of your creative activities (e.g., a musical score, a reading, a video), consider selecting the creative expression category.

Can I just read my thesis to the audience?

It can often be difficult for an audience to follow along without visual aids such as a Powerpoint presentation.  Be prepared to make eye-contact with your audience and directly address them in order to engage their interest in your project.  Because a thesis is designed to be read rather than heard, you'll need to adjust the focus and presentation style to better accommodate an oral presentation. 

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