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Health Sciences

College of Education and Professional Studies

The Department of Health Sciences' mission is, "To improve the health of populations, communities, and individuals through teaching , scholarship, and service." Our vision is firm in that, "We are committed to be leaders and innovators in health."

To these ends, we value:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Lifelong Learning
  • Civic Engagement
  • Community Partnership, and
  • Health Equity

Take a look around! Feel free to contact our Department if you have questions, or if we can assist in any way.

For general university admissions information, contact the CWU Office of Admissions (509-963-1211). For advising information, contact the Academic Advising Center.


Health Sciences offers the following Undergraduate Degrees:

Health Sciences offers the following Supporting Minors:

Health Sciences offers the following Certificate Programs:

Health Sciences offers the following Graduate Degrees:

Admission Requirements:

To be admitted to a major or minor, all students must:

  1. Meet with an advisor in the specific program of interest. Because of the variety of options and the pre-admission requirements of programs, it is advisable to meet with an advisor early to plan the program schedule and to facilitate timely graduation.
  2. Complete specific pre-admission requirements (see individual programs).
  3. Complete and file a major application with the department office, signed by the academic advisor and the program director. Application forms can be obtained from the advisor or the department office.
  4. Complete and file with the department office, a program of study that lists the required and elective courses necessary for program completion. Course of study forms can be obtained from the academic advisor.


Student Scholarly Activities:

The department is student oriented and all programs provide a wide range of laboratory and field experiences as part of specific degree requirements and degree options. Students who engage early in optional learning experiences gain a better understanding of their profession, are more competitive in the job market, and increase their chances for graduate school admission.

Student Organizations:

Exercise Science Club: All EXSC students are required to join the EXSC Club. This student-run organization meets regularly to discuss academic planning and career opportunities, performs service activities, and plans recreational outings.

Nutrition Science Club: The NSC provides opportunities for students to use their knowledge and skills in performing service activities, learn about career opportunities, discuss academic planning, and engage in recreational activities.

EMT Club: The EMT Club is a student organization that is purposed to provide basic life support services to on-campus activities as a means of first-line-response. The EMT Club is comprised of current students that are certified emergency medical technicians. The EMT Club is supervised by a faculty member of the Paramedic Program and is provided the necessary emergency medical equipment and continuing education to provide essential emergency medical services.

Public Health and Pre-Nursing Club: This group is self-supporting, and faculty assist in its moderation. It strives to be a resognizewd CWU Student Club through Academic Senate, and provides numerous opportunities for students to socialize, engage with faculty in meaningful work outside school, and provide opportunities to engage with the greater Ellensburg Community. Talk to Dr. Tishra Beeson for more information.

Student Academic Senate
Health Sciences Senator: Sarah Tracey



Additional fees are assessed for many of the department’s laboratory and field experience courses. These fees are used to partially support materials purchased and transportation costs.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Satisfactory completion of all requirements of the university and of the specific degree program of study.
  2. Application for the bachelor’s degree must be filed by the second Friday of the quarter preceding the quarter in which the degree is to be received. Instructions and deadlines are available through The Office of the Registrar.

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