Bachelor of Science in Public Health—Pre-Nursing Specialization

About the Pre-Nursing Specialization

A degree in public health focuses on research and studies that help communities achieve optimal health and well-being. Our pre-nursing specialization aims to educate and empower the emerging generation of nurses on their way to nursing school.

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Why Study Pre-Nursing at CWU?

In this program, you will develop academic skills and learning habits needed for nursing programs through courses that advance your professional potential and support your career aspirations.

Working in the health sciences is about helping people. It’s about caring for others. CWU wants to help you do the work that moves our world forward by providing you with the skills to do great things in the health sciences field

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Careers and Opportunities

The Pre-Nursing specialization will prepare your entrance into nursing school with a solid background in public health theory and practice. CWU does not offer a degree program in nursing but offers prerequisite courses suited for admission to professional nursing programs available across Washington.

  • The average annual wage for a Registered Nurse is $82,750
  • A Nurse Practitioner’s average annual wage is $118,040


The Public Health Program operates a Community Response Lab focused on emerging research and best practices in response to the needs of rural communities in the Pacific Northwest region.

CWU's Public Health Club played a vital role in supporting Kittitas Valley Healthcare during the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to equipment shortages, the club took the initiative to assemble transparent protective face shields and provide the necessary plastic filament for 3D printers. These essential supplies ensured the safety of healthcare workers on the frontlines.

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