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Find answers to frequently asked questions about student accounts.

  • Why is there a hold on my account?

    A Student Accounts hold is placed when there is a past due or outstanding balance. Other University departments may place holds for specific departmental reasons. For more information, and to find out which department has placed the hold, please call Student Accounts at (509)-963-3546 or log into MyCWU.

  • Can I charge my Housing to my account so that financial aid will pay for it?

    If you are living in campus housing, your residence hall/dining plan or apartment rent will automatically be charged to your student account. If you will be living in an on-campus apartment and you want to have your financial aid pay for your full quarter's rent at the beginning of the quarter, please visit the Housing Office and complete their request to charge all your quarter's months of rent at the beginning of the quarter.

  • How can my parents get information about my student account?

    You need to authorize CWU to give information about your student account to your parents or significant others. Without your authorization we will not provide information about your account, even if your parents are paying for your educational expenses.  You can complete the release of information through your MyCWU self-service.

  • How do I become an authorized user?

    If you are not an authorized user on MyCWU, you can become one. The step by step guide showing your student how to assign an authorized user to their profile.

  • Financial Aid Refunds

    If you have signed up for direct deposit, your refund should be deposited to your bank account approximately 1-3 days after the refund shows as posted to your MyCWU account. You will receive an email from the Student Accounts Office when the direct deposit is processed.

    If you have not signed up for direct deposit, your refund will be issued as a paper check and will be mailed to the Mail/Preferred address or Home address you have in MyCWU. Refunds are mailed within 2 days of the date they are posted to your account. Please allow several days for the United States Postal Service (USPS) to deliver your refund.

    If you have not received your refund within two weeks of the date it was posted, we will be happy to investigate and help you resolve it. Please submit a Refund Reissue Request using our online form.

    Visit the Financial Aid website for answers to important dates and any other financial aid related questions.

  • Student Accounts Office Hours

    Student Accounts is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.  The Cashiers Office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  

  • When are paychecks distributed?

    Paychecks are available on the 10th and 25th of each month. If the 10th or 25th falls on a Saturday, paychecks will be available on Friday the 9th or 24th. If the 10th or 25th falls on a Sunday, paychecks will be available on Monday the 11th or 26th.

  • Does the Cashiers Office cash checks?

    No, our policy does not allow for the cashing of checks. All Central Washington University checks (refunds, payroll, etc.) can be cashed at US Bank.

  • All About Payments

    How do I make payments on my student account? What forms of payment are accepted?


    • Current students - CWU real time payment system. Please refer to this document for guidance.
    • Parents - You can make payments as an authorized user, if the person you are paying for creates an account for you. Please refer to this guide to see how.
    • International payments - Please click here for more information about Flywire, our international payment system.
    • Payments posted through the online page will take one to two working days to appear on the account. The payment cutoff time is 3 p.m. PST. For example, payments made after 3 p.m. Friday will be posted on Tuesday. Payments can be made using a credit or debit card (Discover, Visa or MasterCard) or bank account (checking or savings). Please allow sufficient time for this payment to be processed by the due dates
    • Notice: There is no charge for web payments made from checking or savings account. TouchNet, the online credit card processing company, imposes a convenience fee of a 2.95 % on the amount of each transaction only to web payments made with the credit or debit card products: Visa, Master Card, and Discover.

    In Person

    The Cashiers Office is open for payments Monday through Friday, 8:00 to 4:45.

    The CWU Des Moines center is open for payments during their business hours: Monday-Thursday 8:00am - 6:00 pm; Friday 8:00am - 12:00 pm.

    By Mail

    If paying by mail, make sure to allow sufficient time for delivery. Make sure your check has your name and ID number for proper identification. Checks must be payable to Central Washington University and sent to:

    Central Washington University
    Cashiers Office
    400 E. University Way
    Ellensburg, WA 98926-7490

     Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone, by mail or by email.

  • Can I make a credit card payment over the phone?

    NO. Credit card payments cannot be made over the phone, by mail, fax or by email. This is to ensure confidentiality and protect your credit information.

  • What if my online payment isn't processing?

    When paying online, you need to use a credit card (or a debit card used as a credit card) if your balance is less than $2.00. E-checks will not process if your balance is less than $2.00. If you are paying a balance of $2.00 or more you can pay with either an E-check, debit or credit card.

  • Is there any way I can avoid paying the online convenience fee of 2.95%?

    YES. Only payments made online using a credit or debit card are charged the 2.95% credit card convenience fee.

    • You can avoid paying the fee if you pay with your credit or debit card in person at the Cashiers Office.
    • You can avoid paying the fee if you pay online with your checking or savings account.
    • Checks, money orders, cashier's checks or traveler's checks do not have a fee. Remember to always include your CWU ID number on the check
  • If I make a credit card payment in error, will my convenience fee be refunded?

    No. The convenience fee is charged by the payment processor, and it is not refundable even if the payment to which it relates was made in error, is canceled, refunded, or charged back.

  • If I use my debit card online, will I be charged the convenience fee?

    Yes. If you use your debit card online like a credit card to pay your student account charges, the convenience fee will apply. You can pay with your debit card in person and there is no fee

  • Can I specify which charge my payment goes to?

    Yes. If you utilize the Real Time Payment system by paying online through your MyCWU account, you can select individual charges or the term your payment should be applied to. If you mail in a payment, you can include a note to specify which charges to pay. Please note, if you are paying online through your MyCWU account and do not select charges or a specific term, your payment will be applied to the current term

  • Can I make a payment plan to pay my account?

    CWU offers a payment plan for current quarter charges that allows the student to pay the charges for the quarter in up to three installments. Students are able to enroll online through their MyCWU account. Any previous quarter charges must be paid before enrollment in this type of Payment Plan

  • Can I make a payment arrangement to pay my past due balance?

    Students may have a hold on their account and university services may have been suspended. These students will typically be invited in writing to establish a payment arrangement. Establishing a payment arrangement will not remove the hold and reinstate university services. The hold will be removed when the payment arrangement is fulfilled. Establishing a payment arrangement will prevent the account from being placed with a collection agency and collection fees added to the balance. Students will be contacted by Student Accounts staff through letters and email. Payment arrangements not honored by the debtor will be immediately canceled and the account placed with a collection agency without further notice

  • Does CWU offer a Pre-Payment Plan

    Not yet. Nevertheless, students and their parents can make prepayments for a future quarter in person and by mail, clearly stating the student’s full name, ID and the quarter they want to pre-pay. Pre-payments made online must be accompanied by a letter or email to the Student Accounts Office, to indicate which quarter they want to pre-pay. Any payment made in excess of the student charges due will be refunded unless the student requests, in writing, that the credit remain on the account to apply to future charges or a future quarter

  • Can I establish a payment plan if my account has been placed with a collection agency?

    No! Accounts placed with collection agencies must be negotiated with, and paid directly to the agency that is servicing your account. If a payment is made directly to Central (whether in person, by mail, or online), on an account placed at a collection agency, Central will immediately notify the collection agency of the payment and corresponding collection fees will be added to your account, without exception.

  • What about the 1% interest fee on past due accounts?

    1% Interest– Disputed Charges - Interest Waiver Petition Form

    1% Interest on Past Due Accounts

    Central Washington University has implemented the charge of 1% interest on past due accounts in accordance with RCW 43.17.240. It will apply to items on the CWU account that are at least 30 days past due. To avoid the 1% interest charge CWU accounts must be current at all times. For questions related to the interest charge, contact the Student Accounts Office by phone at: 509 963-3546, or by email at:

    Disputed charges

    The Office of Financial Management (OFM) has adopted rules specifying circumstances under which we will waive the interest. A charge that is disputed in writing and received by the Student Accounts Office before the interest is assessed will not accrue interest until the dispute is resolved. Make sure to send any dispute of a charge in your account to the Student Accounts Office by mail, email at:, or stop by our office in Barge 401 to submit your dispute. Disputes submitted to other departments may not be processed and the interest may be assessed on the disputed charge.

    Interest Waiver Petition Form

    Once the interest have been assessed, account holders may request a waiver based on certain situations prescribed by the Washington Code. An interest waiver petition form is available that contains all the guidelines on which you can base your petition. If you meet any of the conditions in the guidelines, please submit your 1% Interest Waiver Petition to the Student Accounts Office. This form is also available on the link above. Incomplete petition forms will not be processed.

  • What if I can't pay my balance?

    If you know in advance that you will owe a balance not covered by financial aid, you have the option to sign up for the quarterly payment plan, to spread payments out over the quarter. If you owe a balance you were not expecting, and you have spoken with Financial Aid and determined you cannot receive aid to pay toward the balance, we recommend you contact Student Accounts to talk about your options, as it may be possible to arrange to pay monthly installments toward your balance. Account balances can prevent you from being able to register for classes for the next quarter, so if you have a balance, we recommend contacting Student Accounts as soon as possible, to find out your options.


    If you owe a balance and you have stopped attending Central, we will send a Final Notice letter and you will be contacted by our business partner, OnPlanU, to let you know that you have 30 days to pay your balance in full or accept a monthly payment plan with them (the payment plans are set up through the OnPlanU website). If you do not accept a monthly payment plan and your balance remains unpaid after that 30 days has passed, Central will need to turn your account over to a collection agency, and the agency will contact you regarding your debt. Please be advised that if your account is sent to collections, your balance will increase by at least 30% for the agency’s collection fees.

  • When will I receive my 1098-T form? Can I get a duplicate of my form? Where do I get more information about the Hope Scholarship and the Lifetime Learning tax credits?

    The 1098-T forms will be mailed by January 31st. You can view and print all your 1098-T information online!! Go to your MyCWU account (easy instructions at right in the NEWS section). For detailed information about the tax credit, go to IRS Publication 970.

  • What is OnPlanU?

    CWU has partnered with OnPlanU to help collect balances on student accounts. They are not a collections agency; they work with CWU to notify students about account balances owed. When a student ceases attendance and has an account balance they still need to pay, OnPlanU’s website makes it easy for the student to set up a monthly payment plan, to pay the total balance owed. This is a trusted CWU partnered organization.

  • What is Flywire?

    Flywire is a secure and trusted online payment process that makes paying tuition easy from countries around the world, typically in your home currency. For more information about Flywire

  • Are other online credit card companies charging a convenience fee for web transactions?

    Yes. Many other universities in Washington and throughout the nation are currently utilizing credit card payment processing companies that charge a convenience fee of a 2.95% of the amount of the payment for credit and debit card transactions. Nevertheless, if you pay with your checking or savings account on the web there is no extra charge.

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