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1098-T Consent Guide

Do you want to get your 1098-T tax information as soon as it is ready? You can now get your information through MyCWU account instead of waiting for a paper form to be mailed to you! Just follow these easy steps to activate your online information!

1.Log into your MyCWU account

The navigation column on MyCWU with all of the different tabs you can visit. The section between "Enrollment" and "Graduation" is titled "Financial" and highlighted in the image. 

2.From the Student Dashboard Navigation, select Financial.

 The list of options in the financial selection in the navigation tab. There is a button that says "View 1098-T" that is highlighted.

3. From the Financial toolbox drop-down menu, select View 1098-T.

 A page that says "You have not consented to receive your 1098-T via on-line access. Select the Grant Consent push button to allow on-line receipt." Underneath this text is a button that is highlighted and reads "Grant Consent".

4. On the View 1098-T page, select Grant Consent.

 The 1098-T Consent Agreement that you must click the check box that says "Yes, I have read the agreement" and click "Submit" to grant consent.

5. After reading the Consent Agreement, check the box indicating that you have read and understood the agreement.

6. Select Submit.

The confirmation that this user has granted consent. The page says "You have elected to receive your 1098-T electronically instead of through the US mail. Select the View 1098-T Selection button to continue viewing your 1098-T." Underneath this text is a highlighted button that reads "View 1098-T Selection". 

7.Next, you will receive confirmation that your electronic consent has been successful.

8.You may select View 1098-T Selection which will bring you to a page listing the 1098-T statements that areavailable for you to view.

A page that allows you to choose which 1098-T you would like to view. The screen shows a chart in which there is 1098-T that the user can select. The tax year column shows that it is from 2016 and "2016" is highlighted in the image, the version column indicates that it is the original, the federal tax ID listed in its column is 00000001, the description column for it says "Central Washington University, the printed date column is empty and the transmittal date column says 3/30/2017. 

9.Select the Tax Year link to open a printable version of your 1098-T.

An example of an official 1098T that will be similar to the one you see.

10.Instructions for the student are available by scrolling down on the PDF file

 The instructions for a 1098T that will be shown on the PDF.

11.Return to the 1098-T Report Selection.

 The selection page. There are two tabs, one titled "General" and one titled "Box Amount".

12.Select the Box Amount Tab and click the Amount Billed to open the itemized 1098-T Box Amount list.

 The Box Amount tab page. There is a list of items that describes the amount billed and how much each item costed and the quantity of each item.

13.If any or all of your tuition was paid by grants, scholarships, or a third party, this may result in a reduction ofyour qualified tuition amount. You may also not be required to generate your 1098-T tax form.

14.If you have any questions or concerns, or if your 1098-T information is not what you expected, please contactStudent Accounts at 509-963-3546.




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