What is the Army Reserve Officer Training Corps?

Army ROTC is a program that offers you a unique opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with fellow students and military personnel, while training to become an officer in the US Army.

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About Army ROTC at CWU

Our mission is to recruit, teach, mentor, and commission outstanding scholars, athletes, and leaders who possess character and conviction to proudly serve our nation.

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Resources for Students

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Why Join the Army ROTC at CWU? 

ROTC provides you with benefits like financial assistance, leadership training, and a guaranteed job upon graduation. We also have an active Living-Learning Community where you can connect with friends in the program. You will have the opportunity to build connections, gain professional skills, and further your education in the ROTC at CWU. 

If eligible, you will enroll in the Basic Course and learn about military science and leadership. After completing the Basic Course, you will have the option to compete for selection into the Advanced Course, which is the final two years of the program, where you will receive a monthly stipend and attend a summer training program called Advanced Camp. Upon successful completion, you will be commissioned as second lieutenant in the Army 

To be eligible, you must be a US citizen, at least 17 years old, and enrolled at CWU.

Degree Options 

Army ROTC offers a Military Science Minor. Our Military Science Minor is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of military science, leadership, and strategy. 

Popular majors for Army ROTC students: 

Learn more about our degree options through our Program Finder. 


For general university admissions information, contact the CWU Office of Admissions. For advising information, contact Academic Advising.  

Are you a graduate student? Contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research for admissions information. 


Ranger Challenge Team 

Have you heard about the Ranger Challenge Team at CWU? Want to take part in a community-building, team-based competition that pushes you to reach new levels of mental and physical toughness? The  Brigade Ranger Challenge consists of an intensive training regimen followed by participation in a two-day, non-tactical course competition.  Your team could be the next Ranger Challenge Winner! 

Questions? Contact us

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