Ranger Challenge

The Brigade Ranger Challenge is the Army ROTC Varsity Sport. Teams form early in the semester and train rigorously nearly every morning of the week. Ranger Challenge team members accomplish more before 0800 then most college students accomplish in an entire day. Teams train all the way up until the Task Force Ranger Challenge Competition. This competition is conducted over two days on a non-tactical course. The mission is to challenge Cadets' mental and physical toughness and to develop leadership while fostering teamwork and esprit-de-corps. Teams participate in various graded events.

On the first day, each team begins at one of the various events, and once complete, moves to another in a specific order chosen at random the night before. This is how the entire day is spent: doing an event, moving to the next one, completing that event, and so on until all the events for day one are done.

Each team is awarded points based on how well they perform in each event. The best team in each event is awarded a trophy as are the first, second, and third place teams. The number one team is The Ranger Challenge Winner for that year!


The competition consists of multiple events including: Ridged Hull Inflatable Boat Flip and Race, Call for Fire Test, Grenade Assault Course, Physical Fitness Test, Obstacle Course, Leadership Reaction Course and the Commander's Challenge.

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