Choose CWU Army ROTC

CWU Army ROTC has been a top program consistently through out the years and has commissioned 10% more Distinguished Military Graduates than the national average.


 When asked why students should choose Central for ROTC, Lieutenant Colonel Paolilli said:

"We are a stand-alone program with 100% support from the university, alumni, and the US Army. Not all programs are equal or the same. We have our building to conduct classes, the school provides equipment to make for current and enhanced training, and we have an area on campus to execute training similar to real-world Army Training. We are located near three major military installations which lets students experience life on a military installation plus receive the equipment and resources they need to become better future leaders. As a stand-alone university, our cadre is focused solely on students at CWU. The scenery is unmatched, the learning experience is first class and the potential is endless. We produce more distinguished military graduates per year than most schools because of the quality of education, faculty, and students." 

What it means to be an Officer

To enroll in ROTC and become an officer upon graduation, is to be the future of the U.S. Army. To be an officer is to plan and take care of the soldiers that are in your unit. Officers are in charge of a cohesive unit; managing and protecting the safety of the soldiers that are in their care. Positions from division commanders and high-level staff positions, officers are responsible for an efficient and effective army.
  • So Why Central?

    Here at Central Washington, the Wildcat Battalion prepares you for nothing less than being an intelligent and tactful leader. From our distinguished alumni to our first-year cadets, the Wildcat Battalion produces 10% more of distinguished military graduates than most programs. Distinguished military graduates (DMG) are cadets within the top 15% of all ranked cadets nationwide.

  • Branches

    Central has prepared cadets for branches across the board: Infantry, Armor, Field Artillery, Military Intelligence and more. Ninety percent of our cadets get their top branch their senior year. Wether it is active duty, reserve or national guard components, the Wildcat Battalion offers classes and labs/training's that prepare you for your future army career. The possibilities are endless. 

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