Client Testimonials

Student Testimonials

"The PDF versions of my textbooks from previous quarters have been working fantastic. Selectable PDF’s allow me to selectable text to search for missed words and terms, as well as use Balabolka to speak it out loud while being able to follow- along with the text."
"Thanks again for all your hard work! These PDF's really make life a whole lot easier for me and my reading issue. I have so much versatility with how I can access the information for my studies."

Industry Testimonials

Your software is amazing and I commend you for filling a gap by creating a free tool that is capable of making math accessible to screen readers. Other products profess to do this, but you have done it in way that actually works in practice for students without the need for "players", plugins, or downgraded browser versions. Not to mention the ease of use for those of us who produce high volumes of accessible materials for higher education.

Sean Loraas, Austin Community College
You and your staff were such great hostesses. Last week was one of the best training sessions I have ever attended in my 35 years of service at Miami. Thank you for the materials you sent and for the great time and education.

Cindy Hurley, Miami University
I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance to us this past year. It has been a pleasure working with you. [...] A few of our students, who are blind, commented on the quality of your tactiles. They asked me to ask you the brand that you use. We have some tactile paper here, but it does not feel the same as yours.

Susan Hayya, Pennsylvania State University
WOW, the materials that CWU put together were amazing. Thank you so much. I have to say that the recipients of the books were thrilled and excited when I presented them.

CWU staff are so talented. Thank you so much Adrienne. You can bet the house; I will be contacting you again next year…..have a lovely summer Adrienne.

Debbie Moore, Wise
"I did receive the box with the information you sent. Thank you so much. The student is so excited. He was so amazed with the sections of the book you sent. Your staff did an awesome job. His words, and I agree... I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know for Braille."
"You guys are amazing! The student just checked out the tactiles that you sent! He was very impressed and it is going to make a huge difference."

Institutional Letters of Recommendation

University of Washington

Disability Resources for Students at the University of Washington has been a client of Central Access for [many] years. We have outsourced UW academic course material for conversion during our peak times to assist us in ensuring timely conversion of instructional materials. In addition to being a client of Central Access [our student] has partnered with CWU for the past 3 years, as a beta tester of their software. [...]

For our campus, specifically they have been instrumental in providing accessible math files that were too complex for our limited resources or personnel. We have sought to learn from them as we expand our capacity. We view Central Access is a leader in alternate format conversion for high education institutions across the United States and would highly recommend their services.

University of Washington Letter of Recommendation.

UC Berkeley

Central Access has been an integral partner for UC Berkeley Extension Disability Services (DSS). Central Access provides our students with professional alternate format materials including electronic documents (i.e., doc, pdf, HTML), math edited documents, tactile graphics, and braille. The final remediated materials are created in consultations with their team who have extensive experience in the formats offered. [...]

In closing, the expertise Central Access contributes allows University Extension to provide quality remediated materials for our students.

UC Berkeley Extension Letter of Recommendation


We have a few students that need a complete overhaul of their course materials into braille and tactile graphics. This is something we exclusively work with Central Access for. We work on getting these materials to Central Access in as much advance as possible but there have been times where last minutes changes to course materials has left us high and dry with only 1-2 weeks left until class begins. Central Access has stepped up time and time again by helping us get these materials to our students as quickly as possible, even in the face of extreme deadlines.

Central Access has always been professional and responsive to our needs. We have developed a working relationship with Central Access that our office always look forward to continuing for semesters to come.

First Princeton Letter of Recommendation

I have been very satisfied with the relationship that I have with Central Access and feel that they are very responsive, provide quality materials , and have been willing to work with me to solve our issues and meet our requests. They have been very flexible when my requests vary and have issued estimates within hours of a request. I would recommend Central Access and look forward to working with them again in the future.

Second Princeton Letter of Recommendation 

Johns Hopkins University

Central Access has provided services for Johns Hopkins University since I came on board in the summer of 2020. Since then, Central Access has provided us with several services to support our visually impaired students – particularly with STEM content. For example, they helped us transpose video lectures with math and handwritten drawings on whiteboards to enlarged print sizes, then delivered to the student directly. Now, the student is planning to graduate this Spring. In another example, Central Access prepared the STEM textbook chapters readable with a screen reader as well as mp3 audio formats to assist a student with visual impairment – another student grateful for the support educationally. It is a testament to the work Central Access provided, leading to the success of our students.

JHU truly appreciated all the work Central Access has provided us with, given the level of complex cases we get each semester and the ones we are already working with. The team, particularly Adrienne, has always managed to find the time for us to connect and patiently work out the details in preparing for a student's upcoming course for the semester. Then working with us to ensure all the requests we set up with Central Access get fulfilled on time per the syllabus outline.

Johns Hopkins University Letter of Recommendation

Idaho State University

I am writing this letter on behalf of Central Washington University, Central Access. The staff are phenomenal to work with. They have produced high quality Braille text with tactile graphics and other electronic text since 2019. They've also provided training to staff who work with our students who are blind and visually impaired. Our students have found their services to be of very high quality. Further, they work with us to find we can lower costs yet continue to provide high quality materials that meet our students' needs.

Idaho State University Letter of Recommendation

Flathead Valley Community College

In the past 5 months, FVCC has had six chapters of two books converted to braille format, an algebra textbook and a Spanish textbook. I found the staff at Central Access to be immediately responsive to my requests and communications - by email and by phone. When any mistakes occurred, which was rare (i.e. some spelling errors with Spanish), it was addressed immediately and reprinting of material was offered. I appreciate the efforts of the staff to get our materials by the necessary deadlines and to keep me informed of the status of the projects.

I have found Central Access to be excellent and will continue to use their brailling services in the future. I appreciate all of the support and assistance I received and feel the staff went above and beyond their expected duties to help me.

Flathead Valley Community College 

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