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Questions and Answers

  • Climbing Wall

    Do I have to pay to use the wall as a student or Recreation member?

    No, the use of the climbing wall is a part of your Recreation Center Membership. The only things you will have to pay for are the optional amenities of the wall: shoe rentals, classes, and certifications.

    May I use the wall if I am not a Recreation Center member?

    Yes! We offer a $7 Climbing Day Pass to community members or a $50, 10 punch pass (plus tax). This pass will be for use of the climbing wall only and will not allow access to the rest of the Recreation Center. This pass is good for regularly scheduled climbing open hours as well as clinics, although an additional fee is required for most clinics. Children may purchase a day pass to climb during family hours with their parent or guardian.

    Do I have to take a class to use the wall?

    No, in order to climb the rock wall all you need to do is sign a waiver form and check in with the climbing wall staff so that they can review rules and expectations. Classes and certifications are only required when you want to belay other participants in the gym. These classes and exams are available weekly.

    Do I have to have experience to use the wall?

    People of all experience levels use the wall. If you have climbed for years or if you would just like to try for the first time, our staff is available to provide input to all levels.

    What if I want to get more involved with the wall?

    The climbing program is always open to input and ideas. Drop off a comment card at the front counter or send us an e-mail with your questions or comments.

  • Facilities

    Is the Recreation Center open on holidays and during breaks?

    Yes, we are typically open on holidays and over winter, spring, and summer breaks. We have modified hours during all breaks. Please check our hours page or call our membership desk at 509-963-3512 for details.

    Does the Recreation Center have spaces to reserve or rent?

    The Recreation Center does have spaces available to reserve or rent! University groups have priority scheduling. Please email jackie.adams@cwu.edu or call 509-963-3595 for more information.

    Where do I park to use the Recreation Center?

    • The Student Union and Recreation Center parking lot is I-15.
    • Parking passes are required on campus Monday-Friday between 7:30am and 4:30pm.
    • Daily parking passes can be purchased at the Parking Permit Kiosk.
    • CWU University Police and Public Safety enforce parking regulations on campus. More information can be found on the CWU Parking website or by calling 509-963-2667.

    Are there lockers and towel service?

    The Recreation Center has lockers available to rent by the quarter, academic year, and annually. Day-use lockers are available free in each locker room but you will need to bring your own lock or purchase a lock from the membership desk. Towel service is available free with your membership. Check out a shower towel or sweat towel at our membership desk!

    Do you have a sauna?

    Yes! There is a dry sauna in both the men’s and women’s locker room in the Recreation Center.

    When is the best time of day to work out?

    On weekdays during the academic year the best time to work out is before 4pm. The Recreation Center is usually most crowded weekdays between 4pm and 9pm.

    When is the best time of day to use the multipurpose courts?

    During the academic year the best time to use the multipurpose courts is before 4pm. The multipurpose courts is usually most crowed weekdays between 4pm and 9pm.

    Does the Recreation Center have a Lost and Found?

    Yes! All lost and found items can be retrieved Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm in the Administrative Suite, SURC 175.

  • Group Fitness

    How do I register for a Group X class?

    Registration opens 24 hours before the class starts. You can register for any of our classes online at recreation.cwu.edu. You will then be able to log in with your CWU user ID and password (the same as logging into your MyCWU account). After you complete this step, you will be able to pick from any of the Group X classes being offered this quarter by clicking on the "Group X" tab in the middle of your home screen.

    How do I cancel my registration for a Group X class?

    You must cancel your class attendance online if you do not wish to attend. You can do this by logging on the same way you did to register. Failure to do so will result in strikes against your account. If you obtain 3 strikes, you will need to meet with one of our Health Programming staff members to regain access to Group X classes.

    Why is there a cancellation policy?

    Registering for a spot and not attending can prevent others from taking part in the class.

    What is our Group X program all about?

    You’ll enjoy a variety of formats and energetic music in a social atmosphere. Group X is perfect for anyone looking to bust out a quick workout without having to think too hard about how many reps to complete or what level to set the treadmill on. You have total flexibility and lots of choices – just ask yourself how much time you want to invest in your health and fitness and which types of exercise you enjoy most. Then pick a few classes from our schedule and you’re on your way to optimal fitness and fun!

    Can anyone participate in classes?

    All of our instructors are ready and able to teach to any fitness level. If you are a Group X junkie and have been participating in our program previously, we have classes that can challenge you on multiple levels. If you’re new to a Group X class, we have classes that are offered specifically for you, so that you are comfortable and have a great experience!

    Why should you participate?

    The Group X program is designed so that you have ultimate flexibility within your weekly exercise routine. If you don’t have a ton of time but want to focus on a given area such as fat burning, toning your legs or abdominals, or improving your flexibility, you can find a class that will help you meet your goals. And did we mention that each class is between 30 and 45 minutes? Group X classes are a very efficient use of your workout time! If you’ve got extra time and want a more intense workout, take a couple classes per day. Whatever works best for you and your body!

  • Intramural Sports & Special Events

    What is the difference between league types?

    • Crimson - Typically male, high level of competition with only top 50% of teams making playoffs who meet sportsmanship requirements
    • Grey - Typically male, recreational league with all teams making playoffs who meet sportsmanship requirements
    • Women's - Available to patrons who identify as female or non-binary
    • Corec - Gender requirements for amount of players on the court with some sports having specific gender rules

    What activities does Intramural Sports offer?

    Intramural Sports offers leagues for Basketball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, Flag Football, Softball, and Outdoor/Indoor Soccer. Tournaments and additional sport leagues may be offered throughout the year and typically include pickleball, tennis, archery tag, wiffleball, and badminton. If there is a sport you want to play, submit your suggestions to imsports@cwu.edu.

    Who can participate in Intramural Sports?

    All Central Washington University students, staff, faculty, and alumni are invited to participate in Intramural Sports. College varsity athletes must wait one year to participate in their equivalent intramural sport but may participate in other activities (i.e. a football athlete cannot participate in flag football until they are one year removed from the team but may play softball). All intramural sport participants must have a current CWU recreation membership (excludes RecWell and Crimson Pass memberships).

    How can I sign up?

    1. Log into the Recreation Portal.
    2. Click on the Intramural Sports icon.
    3. Log in with single sign-on information.
    4. Click on the sport you would like to join.
    5. Join a team, register as a free agent, or create your own team!

    What are the Team Captain’s responsibilities?

    The Team Captain is the main contact between the Intramural Sports office and their team. Before each league begins, a captain’s meeting will take place for captains, teammates, and free agents to hear about rule changes or other important details related to the sport; attendance by a team representative is required each season.

    Team Captains are responsible for their team’s knowledge of the rules and sportsmanship requirements. They are responsible for notifying the Intramural Sports office of any cancelations during the season and will be responsible for any forfeit fees incurred by their team.

    When and where do I play?

    Schedules for each league are posted in the Intramural Sports program on the Recreation Portal. Schedules are published after the Captain’s Meeting for each sport has taken place. Teams will be notified through email when the schedule is available. The Intramural Sports section is a one stop shop for participants to access their game schedules, results, and any announcements such as cancellations or playoff meetings.

    Games are played at the Recreation Center, Recreational Sports Complex, Alder Recreation fields, Ellensburg Racquet and Recreation Center, or other sites depending on the sport and league. Locations will be listed on the schedule on schedule.

    How many teams can I play with?

    Participants can play on up to three (3) teams in each sport offered including two (2) gender leagues and one (1) Corec league.

    When are my practice times?

    The Intramural Sports program does not schedule practice times for any sport or league. However, teams are free to practice as much or as little as they would like. Teams may use open recreation times provided they adhere to Recreation Center policies.

    How do I become an official?

    The Intramural Sports office is always seeking enthusiastic students to raise the quality of performance in their officials. Students interested in a challenging and rewarding opportunity to lead competitive and recreational sporting events are encouraged to visit our student employment page to view vacant positions.

    Where can I find a copy of the rules?

    Please go to our Sports Rules website for all of our informal recreation, intramural sports, and special event rules and policies.

  • Membership

    Can I get a membership?

    Yes! People may purchase a membership with CWU Recreation if:

    How much do memberships cost?

    Please click here for an up to date list of prices for memberships.

    What forms of payment do you accept?

    Recreation offers a variety of payment methods for membership:

    • Payroll Deduction: The CWU Recreation Center offers payroll deduction for Faculty/Staff and Faculty/Staff Dependent memberships. Payroll deduction rates are as follows:
      • Individual Membership: $30 per paycheck
      • Two Memberships: $50 per paycheck
      • Payroll deduction for amounts less than $100 cannot be processed
    • Apple Pay or Android Pay
    • Credit or Debit : We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover
    • Personal Check or Cash: We accept both personal checks and cash

    Do Running Start students get memberships?

    Running Start students do not automatically get assessed the Recreation Fee BUT they can purchase a membership at the student rate. To learn more check out Membership Services page.

    Can I bring a guest with me?

    Yes! Members get two free guest passes each quarter. You can also purchase additional guest passes at the Membership Desk if you run out of free passes! Guests are only allowed to come in with current Recreation Members, and must fill waivers out before using the facility.

    Do I need a Connection Card to use the facility?

    Yes, you will need a Connection Card to use the facility. Please speak to the Membership Attendants at the Membership Desk if you do not have a card yet.

    I have a card, but what if I don’t want to use it to get in to the gym?

    For the safety of our members, a Connection Card is required to gain entry to the facility. If you are a current member, and have forgotten or lost your Connection Card, please speak to the Membership Attendants at the Membership Desk when you next arrive.

    Can I get a job here?

    Yes! The CWU Recreation Center hires student employees each quarter. Please check here to see when our next Hiring Info Session will be!

    Can I use the pool?

    While CWU Recreation does not own or operate the pool, we do have various swim session times reserved for our Recreation members! Use of the pool during these time is included in your membership.

    What else do I get with my membership, besides using the gym?

    For a full list of membership benefits, click here.

  • Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals

    Who can rent gear from OPR?

    Students, faculty, staff and current members of the Alumni Association are all eligible to rent gear, however the prices are different. The student prices for gear are a bit less than the prices for faculty, staff and alum.

    What comes with a raft package?

    Each package comes with one raft, the appropriate number of personal flotation devices (PFD), the appropriate number of paddles, and a hand pump.

    Where is the best place to float?

    There are several places to put in and take out along the Yakima River. One popular stretch starts at Lower Ringer Loop and ends at the Umtanum Recreation Center. It is the route we take when we have guided trips, because it is both close to campus and a good quality 2 hour float. Other stretches enjoyed by many are from Umtanum Recreation Center to Lmuma Recreation Center, Big Pines or Roza Recreational Site. For more information on floating the Yakima River, click here.

    Can I make a reservation?

    Yes! Contact us at 509.963.3537 to make a reservation.

    Where can I find the gear offered by OPR?

    You can call or stop by OPR to ask about our gear or you can also visit our rental equipment pages: for water gear including stand-up paddleboards and rafts, visit our River Floating rental page. For camping and backpacking gear, visit our Camping rental page. For winter activities like snowshoeing and skiing, visit our Winter Activities rental page. For other gear, like volleyballs, disc golf sets, or coolers, visit our Miscellaneous rental page. 

    I am a officer for a club on campus. Can I organize a trip for my club through OPR?

    Absolutely, OPR offers guided trips and instructional classes for many campus-based groups. From Alpine Lakes Wilderness backpacking trips, to day hikes and winter camping, let OPR handle some of the details of your next adventure so you can fully immerse yourself in the outdoor experience. 

    I do not have any equipment or experience in the outdoors. Can I go on an OPR trip?

    YES! OPR offers trips enjoyable for people of all skill-levels. OPR trips are perfect for people considering an outdoor trip as well as first-timers! Sign up for an OPR trip and you also gain access to our equipment rental shop so you can get the gear you need for the trip. We look forward to seeing you soon!

    How do I sign up for an OPR trip?

    Registering for an OPR trip is as easy as stopping by OPR to reserve your spot. Trip prices are discounted and there is a variety of payment options to make our trips as accessible and affordable as possible for CWU community members. For a full list of our trip offerings, you can pick up an Adventure Guide from OPR or visit our Trip Schedule page. 

    Who leads outdoor trips for OPR?

    For the most part, student employees lead our trips. Each trip leader has specific training in the trip area they are leading and are also required to have a current Wilderness First Aid certification. If you are interested in becoming a trip leader, the most appropriate first steps are to join us on one of our trips, gain certification, and begin to build experience in outdoor leadership.

    Do you offer any certifications or trainings?

    Yes! OPR offers at least one professional level training and certifications each year.  Examples of these are: Wilderness First Aid, Swiftwater Rescue, Raft Guiding, and Climbing Wall Instructor. This year OPR will have a strong emphasis on winter safety and avalanche awareness. Be sure to stay posted as this year’s clinic, trips, and training line-ups are going to be incredible.

    I have another question about OPR, whom do I contact?

    Contact the OPR Coordinator through email or at 509.963.3537.

  • Personal Training

    What happens in a typical Personal Training session?

    Generally, the first few sessions are spent working out the kinks in the workout- establishing weights and time limits. But don’t let this discourage you! It’s just the way Personal Training operates, to ensure that you get the results you are aiming for. It takes time to understand your capabilities and limitations. Each session and each workout will build upon your first few sessions. However, you should still wear comfortable workout apparel, as you will be definitely be exercising. Keep in mind if you are already very fit and don’t struggle with motivation, we’ll push those muscles right away!

    What happens in my initial consultation?

    Your first session with a trainer is crucial to setting you up for success. Many people begin an exercise program with high hopes but discontinue their programs after only a couple months. This is usually because their exercise program is not right for their goals, fitness needs, or lifestyles. That’s why your COMPLIMENTARY initial consultation is so important! The majority of your initial consultation will be spent discussing your exercise and health history and outlining your fitness goals. This helps our trainers to determine which type of program will be best for your body!

    How do I get started?

    Contact personal.training@cwu.edu to help you connect with a personal trainer that best suits your personal fitness goals.

    What if I need to reschedule a session?

    If you need to reschedule any of your training sessions, you’ll need to contact your trainer a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled session. If your trainer does not receive at least 24 hours notice of your cancellation, you may be charged for that session. Our trainers are busy and their time is important, as is yours. Therefore, we extend the same courtesy of a 24-hour reschedule notice to you! After all, things come up that are not always planned and we understand that better than anyone!

    What fitness level do I need to be at to start?

    Classes are scaled to fit any participant of any level. If you're healthy and can move, we have an exercise for you!

    What if I can't make my session?

    Inform your trainer as soon as you can that you will be missing a session, and they can try to get you into another session. Communication is key, so if your trainer is unaware of your absence, he or she can't help you!

    How can I sign up for personal training?

    You can register and pay at the front desk of the Recreation Center.

  • Sports Clubs

    What is a Sport Club?

    CWU Sport Clubs are Student Groups centered on regular practices that compete in exhibitions, competitions, and tournaments on an inter-collegiate level.

    How do you create a Sport Club?

    All students interested in creating a club or sport club must complete the recognition process through Student Involvement . Once you have completed that, you will meet with the Coordinator - Sport Clubs to discuss the expectations and transition into an active sport club.

    How do you join a Sport Club?

    Some sport club teams require you to go through try-outs. Others are open to everyone. The best way to find this information for each specific team is to visit their Presence page or contact the officers. Visit the CWU Sport Club page for contact information.

    Do Sport Clubs have fees or dues?

    Most clubs do have membership dues, but it varies for each team. All sport club members have the option to student charge this cost.

    Can I play in Intramurals and Sport Clubs?

    You can participate in both programs. The only restriction is a maximum of 2 club participants on a team for their sport equivalent.

    Is experience required to play on a Sport Club team?

    The experience required varies by each team. Some teams teach you to play while others require a level of understanding or previous experience. The best place to find this information for each specific team is on their Presence page or contact the officers. You can find that information on the sport club page.

    I have another question about Sport Clubs, whom do I contact?

    Contact the Sport Club Coordinator through email or at 509.963.3516.

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