Unlock a World of Wellness, Fitness, and Community

As a University Recreation Member, gain access to top-notch facilities including modern fitness centers, indoor tracks, swimming pools, and versatile sports courts.

Engage in a wide range of fitness classes, recreational activities, and wellness programs that cater to your interests and goals. Whether you're a student, faculty, staff, or community member, our membership options provide you with the tools and support to lead a healthier and more active lifestyle. Embrace the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, participate in engaging activities, and embark on a journey toward improved well-being at CWU's University Recreation.

Membership Categories and Rates

This table lists the different types of memberships and their rates.

Membership Type Annual Academic Year Quarters (F/W/S/S)
Student - - $117
Faculty/Staff $490 $386 $134
Alumni/Wildcat Club $515 $404 $140
RecWell (Current Staff) $207 $155 $52
Commuter (Current Staff) $60 $45 $15
Dependents * * *
  • All membership fees are listed as pre-tax.
  • Tax will be added at time of purchase/sale.
  • Most memberships are pro-rated daily after the 3rd week of class. RecWell membership do not pro-rate.
  • RecWell and Commuter memberships are only available to current faculty/staff of CWU, and are not available membership options for their dependents.
*Direct dependents of students/faculty/staff/Alumni/Wildcat Athletic Association members - including spouses and children age 16 and older - are eligible for a CWU Recreation membership at the same rate as the person enabling the membership, provided that person is a current CWU Recreation member.
  • Current Students

    All current CWU students are eligible for membership. Students enrolled in six or more on-campus credits are automatically assessed the Recreation Center fee and are considered “automatic members”. Students enrolled in 1 - 5 on campus credits, or taking one or more online or off - campus credits, may purchase a membership.

  • Running Start

    Running Start students age 16+ may purchase a membership at the student rate and will require a parent/guardian signature if under 18. (Excludes access to Sport Clubs).

  • Current CWU Faculty and Staff

    Any current faculty and staff, including full time, part time and cyclic, are eligible for membership at the CWU Recreation Center. Individuals who work on campus at CWU but are paid by another entity are not eligible for membership at this time.

  • Emeritus Faculty and Retired Staff

    Faculty and Staff who have retired from CWU or are recognized as Emeritus are eligible for a Faculty/Staff membership only at the CWU Recreation Center.

  • Alumni Association/Wildcat Club Members

    CWU Alumni in Wildcat Connect or Wildcat Club Members can purchase a membership to use the Recreation Center as long as they are in good standing with their association and up to date on association costs. Proof of enrollment in Wildcat Connect for the Alumni Association is required prior to Rec Membership sale. Please contact the Alumni office to learn more about the Wildcat Connect.

Recreation Member Testimonial

Testimonial to provide more information about our membership.

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