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Course Required for Date Student Rate* Community Rate
ACE Group Fitness Instructor

Group Fitness Instructors

ACE Personal Trainer Personal Trainers TBA TBA TBA
American Heart Association
First Aid/AED/CPR or BLS
Recreation Staff Ongoing $75 $75
AIARE Avalanche Level 1 Trip Guides Winter 2024 $625 $625
Swift Water Rescue Training Trip Guides Spring 2023 TBD TBD
WFR/WEMT (Hybrid Course) Trip Guides June 21-25, 2023 $700 $700

*Student employees in Recreation receive free or reduced pricing if it is a requirement of their position.

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  • ACE

    The ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification is required for all instructors (other national and specialized certifications may be accepted). This class teaches you:

    • Understanding human movement - Learn anatomy through a practical approach, focused on the primary movement patterns people perform throughout the day and in group fitness classes.
    • Intelligent selection and sequencing of exercises - Understand how to develop systematic and inclusive class blueprints with planned progressions and regressions through interactive learning activities.
    • Providing inclusive classes - Discover how to encourage individuals of varying ages and fitness levels to come as they are and to share in a positive class experience.
    • Communication strategies and behavioral change - Learn strategies to promote healthy behavior change in class participants and applied communication, such as coaching, motivation and feedback.
    • Class participant safety and legal considerations - Learn how to appropriately respond to incidents and emergency situations that may arise during a class and gain an understanding of the professional responsibilities and legal guidelines to guide your actions as group fitness instructor.
    • Creating memorable movement experiences - Obtain skills to inspire and motivate class participants through interactive learning activities focused on creating opening and closing statements, music selection, powerful transitions and strategies for providing effective feedback.

    This course will include independent study through webinars, a study handbook, face-to-face instruction.

  • ACE PT

    The ACE personal trainer certification is required for all personal trainers (other national certifications may be accepted). This certification provides you with the practical and scientific knowledge to work in a variety of fitness facilities, including health clubs, gyms, university, corporate, and community or public fitness centers, and positions ranging from freelance personal training to full-time and beyond.

    This course will include independent study through webinars, a study handbook, face-to-face instruction.

  • American Heart Association

    We offer First Aid/AED/CPR or BLS CPR classes.

    To register for one of the classes, please sign up at the Membership Desk or through the Online Portal. If you are interested in having a First Aid/CPR/AED class taught for a private group, please contact us at

  • AIARE Avalanche Level 1

    Course Description
    The AIARE 1 is a three-day / 24-hour introduction to avalanche hazard management.

    Students can expect to develop a good grounding in how to prepare for and carry out a backcountry trip, to understand basic decision making while in the field, and to learn rescue techniques required to find and dig up a buried person (if an avalanche occurs and someone in the party is caught).

    Who Should Take this Course
    The AIARE 1 is for ANYONE, regardless of method of travel, who wants to recreate in or near avalanche terrain. Participants may have attended some awareness classes or workshops or completed the Avalanche Rescue course, but none are a prerequisite for this course.

    Aspiring professionals will need to take the AIARE 1 and Avalanche Rescue as a prerequisite for the Pro 1 course.

    Student Learning Outcomes
    At the end of the AIARE 1 course, the student should be able to:

    • Develop a plan for travel in avalanche terrain.
    • Demonstrate the ability to identify avalanche terrain.
    • Effectively use The AIARE Risk Management Framework to make terrain choices in a group setting.
    • Demonstrate effective companion rescue.
  • PCIA - CWI

    The Climbing Wall Instructor (CWI) course emphasizes the instruction of fundamental skills to climbing gym participants, the formation of risk assessment and risk management skills, and basic problem-solving skills. Participants are assessed on their knowledge and their ability to effectively teach related skills.

    Certification Levels: Depending on performance, participants can earn one of three certification levels listed below.

    CWI-A: Climbing Wall Instructor Assistant
    CWI: Climbing Wall Instructor
    CWI-L: Climbing Wall Instructor with a Lead Climbing endorsement

    To view the course schedule offered by PICA, click here.

  • Swift Water Rescue

    This course is designed for anyone who wants to be competent with skills required for river rescue. Whether you are a whitewater kayaker, a raft guide, or just a leisure river floater, the knowledge acquired during this course could one day save your life or the life of a friend. If you plan to float the Yakima River or any other river in the area, this course is for you.

    With one classroom session and then two days on the water, this course covers a wide variety of knots, pulley systems, craft recovery techniques, as well as how to recover, retrieve, and transport people in the river. All gear necessary for this course is included in the cost including dry suits, PFD’s, and helmets.



    Contact Bradley Gasawski at 509-963-3536 or with questions or concerns.

    Course Description

    Central Washington University
    Presented by the Wilderness Medical Center and Cascade Wilderness Medicine.
    Sponsored by Central Washington University’s Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals

    • This course is open to both the general public and the campus community.This course is being offered in a Distance Learning format which means that there will be two sections to the course. SECTION ONE will include study sessions and online exams which must be passed before advancing into section two. SECTION TWO will include five days of practical lab work.
    • This is a Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and Wilderness EMT (WEMT) course being offered congruently. WEMT Participants must have a current
    • EMT certification prior to the time of completion of this course. WEMT participants will be asked to perform extra skills during the practical lab sessions.

    Section One - Online Study of Didactic Materials:
    You must successfully complete all didactic material and online testing prior to attending the onsite practical section; if for any reason what-so-ever you are unable to complete all the didactic material and online tests prior to the start of the practical session, you will not be admitted to the practical session nor will you receive a refund. For on-campus participants, three classroom sessions will be scheduled to assist delivery and understanding of didactic materials. For off campus participants, all materials will be mailed to you and it will be your responsibility to complete all exams prior to the five day practical session.

    Section Two - Five Day On-Site Practical Session:
    The five day practical session will be hosted on Central Washington University’s campus. Class time during the onsite practical session may exceed ten hours per day plus homework. You should be comfortable reading technical information, be able to write clearly, be able to communicate easily with other people, be physically capable of lifting and carrying other people, and be capable of lifting and moving 50 pounds without injury and moving safely in the outdoors in rough terrain and environments without supervision. You are expected to bring functional outdoor clothing that will protect you from the environment while participating in simulations. During simulations, skills practice, and some demonstrations you will be acting as a patient and as a rescuer; this requires you to touch and be touched by others during a patient exam and subsequent treatment.

    Necessary Personal Equipment:

    Cut-able clothing for scenarios:

    • 2 t-shirts
    • 2 long sleeved shirts
    • 2 pair of long pants
    • a pair of heavy socks
    • Students must wear underwear or swimsuit and jog bras for women.
    • DO NOT short this list! ALL the listed clothing IS REQUIRED for effective practice during simulations and labs. Clothing can usually be purchased at your local thrift store.
    • Warm clothing for daily outside simulations: rain gear - top & bottoms, fleece jackets, long underwear - top and bottoms, waterproof hiking boots, warm hat, gloves, water bottle, headlamp, daypack. Older clothes are recommended. You may have fake blood, mud, dirt, or sand ground into any of the clothes you wear.
    • Writing utensils and notebook
    • Water bottle
    • Optional: colored pencils or markers can be helpful

    Food: Food will not be provided as a part of the course.

    • Lunches: Bring brown bag lunches- There will not be enough time to eat off-campus.
    • Snacks: Bring lots.


    • Students: Central on-campus housing closes following Spring quarter
    • Hotel: Ellensburg Hotels
    • Camping: KOA
    • Yakima River RV Park

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