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Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management & Wine Studies

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HTE Program
Carla Jellum, Ph.D.

Wine Studies Program
Kristine Miller, MBA

Welcome to Hospitality, Tourism and Event Management (HTE) & Wine Studies (WINE) Programs!

The Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management Program works in collaboration with the Wine Studies Program to provide a rigorous curriculum that prepares students for careers in a variety of dynamic, creative, and exciting industry settings. Each program (HTE and WINE) has a core set of courses that are supported by a unique set of specialization classes. This curriculum is designed for students to gain broad industry knowledge and then allows students to focus their individual interests on hospitality, tourism, events, and/or wine management. Students in both programs have opportunities to engage in hands-on learning, participate in experiential activities and meet with industry professionals both in our classrooms and in the field (and abroad!). 

HTE and WINE Programs offer options for majors, minors, and certificates.

Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management


Outdoor cafe, people eating outside. Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Program Overview  Students majoring in HTE receive a Bachelor of Science in HTE with either a specialization in Hospitality Management, Tourism Management or Event Management. The HTE Program's foundation at CWU began in 1947 and was the first of its kind at a college or university in Washington State. Today, the degree prepares students for careers in one of the top three industries in Washington State and in the world. 

Wine Studies


Wine Studies Program Overview  Wine glass next to a bowl of food in dimly lit restaurant setting This interdisciplinary program provides students with a broad understanding of the wine industry. The degree is for anyone with an interest in pursuing a career in the wine industry and any domestic or international student and/or working professional is encouraged to apply. The degree prepares students for a wide variety of careers including wine marketing, wine program management, direct-to-consumer sales, tasting room management, distribution, compliance, and consulting.


HTE / Wine Mission

The Hospitality, Tourism, and Event Management Program as well as the Wine Studies Program aim to provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students. Our programs are dedicated to preparing a diverse community of students to become successful professionals who aspire to leadership roles in the fields of hospitality, tourism, event, and wine management. 

HTE / Wine Core Values

  • Teaching excellence
  • Collaboration with industry stakeholders, community partners, students, and alumni
  • A culture of inclusion that recognizes, celebrates, and encourages diversity and global relationships                 
  • Professionalism, leadership, and service

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