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CWU offers three communication majors: Communication Studies, Digital Journalism, and Public Relations.  The department also offers three minors: Communication, Organizational Communication, and Advertising.  Communication at CWU is student-centered and covers everything from gathering and disseminating written, spoken, and visual information to the processes, effects, and theories of human communication.  Students are prepared for communication careers in journalism, public relations, film, advertising, business and industry, government, social and community service, and for graduate work in communication, law, counseling, or the ministry.

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The Department of Communication is a leader in providing experiential learning by way of award-winning student media, agencies, and major-specific clubs.  Students learn by “doing their discipline” in a weekly student newspaper, student lifestyle magazine, weekly student newscast, student-run video production agency, and student-run public relations agency.

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Communication at CWU embraces interdisciplinary teaching and learning in its programs and media.  The production track of the independent interdisciplinary Film program is housed in the department, the director of the interdisciplinary Non-Profit Organization Management program is in the department, and Communication students work closely with students in art, graphic design, and theatre arts.

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