About the Communication Department

You step into the buzzing hive of the communication department, a vibrant array of monitors, busy keyboards, and passionate people. Your responsibilities here stretch across a wide expanse - creating engaging content, connecting with diverse audiences, maintaining brand reputation, and innovating across social and digital media platforms. The office hums with a mix of determination and creativity. The importance of your role in shaping public perceptions and setting the communication strategy pulses around you. It's a high-stakes environment where every decision has significant repercussions. But you love the challenge, the energy, the dynamism. And as you look around, you know that you're part of a team that's not just communicating, but making a difference.

What is Communication?

Communication is a social science discipline that focuses upon how, why, and with what effects people use language and media to convey information. It is among the oldest and the newest fields of study, with historical roots going back to the Greeks and Romans, and other ancient cultures, and with modern roots grounded in the latest developments in science and technology.

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It provides academic preparation for employment in journalism, the media, business and industry, government, education, and social and community service, as well as for advanced work in communication or such fields as law, film, or the ministry.

Department of Communication Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Department of Communication of Central Washington University to prepare students to become active participants in communication within – and shaping – modern culture. To fulfill its mission, the department emphasizes student-centered instruction in the gathering and dissemination of written, spoken and visual information, as well as a broad range of course work in the processes, effects and theories of human communication. The department is committed to a liberal education in written, oral and visual communication, as well as to professional training in the fields of journalism, public relations and advertising.

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Department of Communication

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