About the Teach STEM Program

Teaching STEM is about having a positive impact on your community. It’s about you becoming a leader and a mentor in the classroom who can guide your students to pursue and achieve their goals. At Central, we want to help you make a difference.

Why Study with the STEM Teaching Program at CWU?

The STEM Teaching Program uniquely supports its students. You are eligible for STEM Teaching Program-specific scholarships and internships. You will have the opportunity to practice what you are learning in real classrooms throughout the program. The strong partnerships with K-12 education will continue to support you after you graduate and further your career.

Cost and Location

Please visit the registrar site for additional information about cost. This program is located in Discovery Hall on the Ellensburg, WA campus.

Degree Explanation

The STEM Teaching Program is an innovative collaboration between sciences and education that supports students seeking teaching certification in science and mathematics fields.

Students seeking teaching certification and endorsement through the STEM Teaching Program complete an approved science, mathematics or computer science degree and the STEM Teaching Program Major.

Teacher certification information may be found by contacting Central's Teaching Certification Office 509-963-2660.

For additional information regarding admission, course, and graduation requirements, please visit the current Course Catalog

STEM Teaching Admissions

For those wanting to be admitted into the STEM Teaching program, the following five steps will lead you in the right direction:
  • Pre-Admit Courses

    Complete the following pre-admit courses:

    • STP201 Inquiry Approaches to Teaching and STP202 Inquiry Based Lesson Design *Course Fees: $10 per class
      • OR STP300 Inquiry Based Teaching Lesson Design *Course Fees: $20
    • STP303 Knowing and Learning
  • Fully Admitted Courses

    Complete the following courses:

    • STP304 Classroom Interactions I *Course Fees: $30
    • STP405 Classroom Interactions II *Course Fees: $20
    • STP406 Project Based Instruction *Course Fees: $20
    • STP450 Planning Inquiry Based STEM Education
    • STP307 Functions and Modeling *Course Fees: $20
    • STP308 Historical Perspectives
    • STP309 Research Methods *Course Fees: $10

    *Courses do have sequencing. Contact TeachSTEM Advisor before enrolling in classes.

  • Final Quarter

    • EFC480 Student Teaching
    • STP465 Instructing and Assessing Inquiry Based STEM

  • Courses Descriptions
    STP 201

    An introduction to theory and practice for effective math and science teaching in grades K-12. This field-based career exploration course enables candidates to observe and identify essential components of content, equity, and professional practice. *Offered Winter only, open to any CWU student. **$10 Course Fee

    STP 202

    This field-based course builds on knowledge and skills developed in Inquiry Approaches to Teaching, emphasizing middle school learners. Candidates adapt and teach lessons that implement essential components of content, equity, and professional practice. *Offered Spring only **$10 Course Fee

    STP 300

    In this field-based introductory course candidates observe and identify essential components effective math and science teaching in grades K-12. Then candidates design and teach lessons that implement essential components of content, equity, and professional practice. *Offered Fall only **$20 Course Fee

    STP 303

    Examination of learning theories and research for effective STEM teaching and assessment, including implications for content literacy, language diversity, cultural responsiveness, technology, and professionalism. *Offered Fall and Winter

    STP 304

    Candidates plan, instruct, and assess STEM lessons based on research-supported practices. This field-based course applies principles of student centered equitable teaching to classroom context and practice. *Offered Winter, and Spring **$30 Course Fee

    STP 405

    Candidates plan, instruct, and assess field-based culturally responsive STEM lessons that bridge differences in language, heritage, race, socioeconomic status, and academic performance. Candidates intentionally apply culturally responsive instruction and classroom management pervasive throughout teaching. *Offered Fall **$20 Course Fee

    STP 406

    Candidates plan, instruct, and assess field-based STEM lessons using a project-based approach that engages learners in exploring authentic meaningful questions of concern to K12 students. Candidates apply principles of student-centered equitable teaching to inquiry-based projects. *Offered Winter **$20 Course Fee

    STP 307A (Science/Middle Level)

    Engages students in explorations and lab activities designed to strengthen and expand their understanding of functions at the secondary level. Topics of investigation may include, function properties, patterns, linear, exponential, trigonometric and logistic models. *Offered Spring only **$20 Course Fee

    STP 307B (Secondary Math)

    Candidates will use inquiry explorations and peer collaborations to derive and explain results, models, and proofs related to important secondary math concepts. Candidates will examine the secondary math curricula relative to CCSS, math and society. *Offered Spring only

    STP 307C (Computer Science)

    Candidates will engage in explorations and lab activities to strengthen and expand their understanding of software engineering development, computer science practices, and their equitable application to the K-12 classroom environment.

    STP 308

    An exploration of the history and philosophies of science and mathematics in the context of public education with an emphasis on how these ideas are related and can be applied to the STEM classroom. *Offered Winter

    STP 309

    Candidates experience and apply educational, scientific, and mathematical research methods by designing, carrying-out, and communicating investigations applicable in teaching middle or secondary STEM courses. *Offered Winter and Spring **$10 Course Fee

    STP 450

    Candidates reflect on their teaching practices and set goals for improvement in student teaching, as well as plan for their professional teaching career. *Must be taken at same time as STP406

    STP 465

    Support for STEM Teaching candidates as they transition into professional teachers and completing assessment requirements during student teaching. *Must be taken with EFC480

    EFC 480

    Teacher Candidate must demonstrate their competence by being the lead teacher for a full quarter in their major endorsement area. Includes mandatory seminars at a time and place designated by the University Supervisor. Grade will be S or U. *Offered Fall, Winter, Spring - dependent upon student's graduation plan

  • Endorsements

    Endorsements are served by the STEM Teaching Program and approved Major degrees:

    • Biology (5-12) Biology Majors, BA & BS options Biological Sciences
    • Chemistry (5-12) Chemistry Majors, BA & BS options Chemistry
    • Earth and Space Science (5-12) Geology Majors, BA & BS options Environmental Sciences BS, Environmental Geology Specialization Geological Sciences
    • Mathematics (5-12) Mathematics: Secondary Education, BA; Mathematics, BS option; Applied Mathematics, BS Mathematics
    • Physics (5-12) Physics Majors, BA & BS options Physics.
    • Middle Level Math (4-9) Mathematics: Middle Level Education, BA Mathematics.
    • Middle Level Science (4-9) Science: Middle Level Education, BA Science and Math Education
    • Computer Science (5-12) Computer Science, BS Computer Science Computer Science

Related Majors/Minors

Middle Level Math and Middle Level Science majors compliment each other.

Minors frequently taken include:

  • Psychology
  • Teaching English as a Second Language
  • Sports Coaching

Careers and Outcomes

Science and mathematics teachers are in high demand statewide and nationally. More than 90% of CWU’s STEM Teaching graduates find immediate jobs. We can help you navigate the process that leads to you becoming a STEM teacher.

“If there is anything I want you to take away from this if you are joining the Teach STEM Program (which I HIGHLY recommend), is for you to take advantage of everything the program has to offer. Teaching isn’t just a profession, it’s a passion. And the Teach STEM program is designed to help you fulfill your passion.” – Katelyn Shain, 2019 Teach STEM graduate

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