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Middle Level Mathematics / Science / Teach STEM is a triple major program offered by CWU – Des Moines. We are now recruiting for our Fall 2024 cohort. This program leads to your Washington State Residency Teacher Certification with endorsements in Middle Level Mathematics and Middle Level Science (both grades 4-9). Upon graduation, you will be prepared to teach math and science in middle and junior high schools. This endorsement combination is in high demand by schools in the Puget Sound area and throughout Washington State. Graduating with math and science teaching endorsements greatly increases your job prospects.

Why Study Middle Level Teach STEM with CWU?

This is the only undergraduate program designed to lead to this endorsement combination in Washington State. The curriculum integrates STEM content and teaching pedagogy and puts these into practice through field experiences embedded in every quarter of the program. Preparation in mathematics and science will enhance your teacher toolkit as mathematics is the language of science and science provides a context for mathematics.

Cost and Location

This program is located at Highline College in Des Moines, WA. Visit the registrar website for additional information regarding cost.

About the Degree

The Middle Level Mathematics Education/Middle Level Science Education STEM Teaching program takes a total of six quarters to complete. Five quarters with course work in Des Moines and one quarter of student teaching at various locations.

Additional field hours are required outside of class. Cohorts begin only in fall quarters. Well prepared students can complete the program in two academic years with no summers required. Students missing general education courses or allowable prerequisite courses (see below) may need to enroll in summer school in order to graduate in two academic years. Student teaching will occur in the second spring quarter.

Degree Resources

The degree resources for Middle Level Mathematics / Science / Teach STEM offered in des-moines campus is discussed in detail below
  • Frequently asked question

    For detailed information regarding commonly asked questions about the program, please visit our FAQ Document. This outline includes information regarding program logistics, application, prerequisites, costs, career opportunities, and teacher certification.

  • Pre-requisites Information and application process
    CWU Prerequisite Courses
    • Math classes: Pre-Calculus I and II, Elementary Math for Teachers I and II
    • Science classes: Introductory courses for Geology, Biology, and Chemistry/Physics, Astronomy

    Contact Teach STEM for best planning practices.

  • Funding your Studies

    Students applying to or enrolled in this program may qualify for several different scholarships. Check out our scholarships page or contact your advisor.

Careers and Opportunities

What is the starting salary for these endorsements? The starting salary in Seattle Public Schools for 2021-2022 school year was $63,000. With a Master’s degree it was $76,000. With the recent McCleary decision in Washington State, teacher salaries are becoming the highest in the nation. Teacher salaries are negotiated locally for each school district and pay varies widely across the state. Starting salaries range $43,000 to $52,000, and STEM fields can exceed the district cap by 10%. The middle level math and science endorsements are both listed on the state teacher shortage list  and are thus very hirable.

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