Registration Process

Coordinate teachers, students, and schools for enrollment

It's important that all parties understand and adhere to the following step-by-step process:

Review class information

  • Teachers and students need to review the syllabus and the class information including expectations, fees (if applicable) and credits.
  • Teachers who are offering both College in the High School and AP in the same classroom need to clarify the differences between them.

Inform parents

  • Use the “Parent Letter” found in Forms or something similar.
  • Share information about rigor, expectations, FERPA, and the link to the Student/Parent Participation guide with the families

Confirm prerequisites

  • To register for a particular class, students must meet the eligibility laid out in the CWU catalog and the "Course Descriptions and Prerequisites Guide" document found in Forms.
  • Requirements vary between classes, but common requirements are to successfully pass prerequisite course work and/or placement testing.
  • Only students that are eligible for enrollment (have already met prerequisites) should register.

Testing may be needed, depending on the class

  • We encourage schools to have math students take the Accuplacer Test through the CWU Testing Center. Additionally, we also find that if students take the test in the spring, they tend to perform better. If taking the test in the spring is not possible, CWU’s Testing Center has resources, such as practice tests, that students are able to use over the summer. Additional information about testing, including practice test resources for students, is available at Testing Information.
  • For ALEKS, MPT, or Accuplacer test results not from CWU: A copy of the official documented results must be uploaded.
  • UPDATE FOR 2023-24: All students will be required to take the English Directed Self-Placement survey for placement into ENG 101. Accuplacer or other testing for English won't be accepted.

For complete information about registering online for students:

After students register online, counselors or administrators (Reviewers) continue the processing.

After gaining account access, Reviewers log in and check student registrations that need action or approval.

  • Teachers upload a liaison-approved course syllabus for each class with the current term dates.
  • Reviewers attach proof that students have met pre-requisites (official testing scores or prior coursework), if required for admission to the class.
  • If needed, Finance, World Language, Math or Physics COUs also need to be uploaded. (A Contract of Understanding, or COU, is an agreement between an instructor and a student who almost but didn't quite meet the prerequisite for certain classes to allow a student to enroll. COUs are available in the registration platform, under the Shared Docs tile, and ask your liaison for additional guidance.)
  • If Accuplacer tests were taken at their high school through the CWU Testing Center, input the test name, date, and score, but there's no need to upload a copy of the score report.

Deadlines are firm for:

  • Students to register
  • Parent/guardians to consent
  • Reviewers to approve (or not approve) including attaching any additional required student forms or material
  • See All Deadlines
  • A late registration request can be made with support from teacher and principal. See Late Registration for details.

Problems and Corrections

  • High School Partnerships staff will contact the school’s designated point of contact for ANY correction or addition that needs to be made for the registration.

Student Account Holds

  • Occasionally a student will have a “hold” on their account, usually a financial issue. This could mean that they are not able to be enrolled. If that’s the case, we notify the school and offer the opportunity for the student to clear the problem and remove the hold. When it is cleared before the assigned due date, we can add them to the enrollment.


  • After the enrollment process is completed by the Registrar, teachers will receive a notification from the College in the High School office via email.

It is critical that teachers follow the included process and links to log into their MyCWU faculty account and double check the roster for each class.

  • Contact the CiHS office immediately with any questions or noted discrepancies.


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