Late Registration

Late Registration Request

Requests for late registration for students can be made when supported by the high school administration and teacher. The online registration portal does not allow for late registrations. This alternative process must be used.

Only requests for the current term will be evaluated. Retroactive enrollment for past terms cannot be accommodated.

Students must fill out the Student Late Registration Form, including parent/guardian consent, and provide their response to the writing prompt to their teacher. The writing prompt includes the rubric which is used by CWU to evaluate the student response.

Teachers and Administrator/Reviewers must complete the Reviewer Late Registration Form to ensure that the student is eligible to enroll (meets prerequisites if applicable) and supply any additional material such as test scores, COUs, transcripts etc. if required. This form requires signatures from the student, the instructor, and the principal. Please see complete information here: printable Late Registration Request Instructions (PDF)

A Late Registration Request must include:

  1. Student Late Registration Form - Fillable (PDF)
  2. Student response to the writing prompt - Writing Prompt (PDF)
  3. Reviewer Late Registration Form - Fillable PDF
  4. Proof of prerequisites or additional material if required

All materials need to be emailed together to before the Late Registration Request Deadline which can be found here.

Once received by CWU CiHS, the request will be dated, evaluated based on the rubric, and processed. CWU CiHS staff will inform the student whether their late registration request has been approved or denied after it has been processed.

If approved, the student will be added to the system manually and enrolled late. Incomplete requests (missing signature, empty fields, lacking required documentation) or those received after the deadline will be denied.

Once enrolled, the student has all the rights and responsibilities of a CWU student. There is no late registration fee but normal class fees, if any, will apply.

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