BS-IT Management FlexIT

Bachelor's of Science in IT Management with FlexIT

Get the same degree a different way. This program complements who you are: your knowledge, your schedule, allowing you to work at a flexible pace. With FlexIT you can get the resources and notoriety of a public state university without the time constraints and fees.

In this program, students who have completed a Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) degree can complete their Bachelor of Science in a time frame that accommodates their busy schedules. Our students have the flexibility to work, take care of their families, and pursue other projects.

The days of putting your life on hold while completing a degree are over. With FlexIT, students work in project-based classes and gain competencies including:

  • Applying business communication techniques in letter, resume, and report writing
  • Applying Customer Relationship Management techniques to a variety of industries
  • Describing the types of technology used in traditional and online retailers
  • Understanding how e-commerce can be used effectively in a retail business
  • Understanding the various elements of retail management strategy

To be eligible for the FlexIT program you must:

  • Have a DTA (direct transfer agreement) degree OR all General Education courses required by CWU complete.
  • Have two years or more of professional experience - This can include a broad range of work history from sales and phone support to agribusiness and information technology. Talk with one of our learning coaches to see if your experience will qualify.
  • Be accepted into the FlexIT Program
  • Be accepted to CWU

Study a high-demand area

FlexIT offers 4 in-demand specialization areas for you to choose from. Click on them below to learn more.
  • Administrative Management

    Get ready to be a leader!

    The sophisticated skill sets gained in FlexIT open the door for managerial roles in a variety of businesses and industries. It augments the skills and experience you already possess to make you more promotable in your chosen field.

    Advance in your current field or explore new opportunities

    Bring more to the table - The FlexIT system allows students to gain new, relevant skills while moving quickly through familiar knowledge areas. With classes ranging from database management to cybersecurity to leadership and supervision, FlexIT students fill their knowledge gaps and gain abilities that immediately improve their job performance.

    Move into management - Companies want to promote from within. They get managers who understand the ins and outs of the business, the corporate culture, and have strong working relationships with their fellow employees. The skills in FlexIT graduates are prepared to move into leadership roles and earn credentials that make them more promotable.

    Make a change - Many of our students feel they have hit a professional plateau and that they haven't reached their dream job. The curriculum in this program opens doors to new opportunities in new fields with major companies.

    Start your own business - Entrepreneurs need applied skills and knowledge to transform their vision into a reality. The Administrative Management specialization helps innovators structure a successful business, make solid hiring decisions, manage company finances, create databases, and effectively motivate teams to excel.

    Learn more about the BS-IT Management Administrative Management courses.

    Learn more about the Administrative Management specialization.

  • Cybersecurity

    Students will gain knowledge specific to the detection, protection, and recovery from attacks to an organization's information assets. Gaining skills in the growing employment area of network security combined with the management and soft-skills classes, graduates gain a competitive edge in the IT marketplace.

    The need for cybersecurity experts spans all organizations including public utility companies, national security agencies, food and water suppliers, financial services, and companies with intellectual property to protect.

    Learn more about the BS-IT Management Cybersecurity courses.

    Learn more about the Cybersecurity specialization.

  • Data Driven Innovation for IT Managers

    This specialization develops valuable skills in data retrieval, mining, analysis, and reporting that are becoming increasingly useful across all sectors. Data majors become skilled problem-solvers and innovators, adapting to the changing needs of modern enterprise.

    Data analytics is the process of extracting meaning from raw data using anything from a laptop to specialized computer systems. These systems transform, organize, and model the data to draw conclusions and identify patterns, leading to increases in knowledge and market share that have significant implications for an organization’s profitability.

    The need for graduates with these skills crosses all types of business including agriculture, construction, finance, retail, government, manufacturing and not-for-profits.

    Learn more about the BS-IT Management Data Driven Innovation courses.

    Learn more about the Data Driven Innovation specialization.

  • Project Management

    Meeting the growing industry need for skilled employees capable of leading projects, the newest specialization from IT Management provides graduates with an in-depth understanding of the skills and techniques of effective project management. These skills have universal applications, spanning every organization from construction firms to non-profits to tech start-ups. For students wishing to earn a double specialization, Project Management will complement any option, particularly Web and Database Administration and Management, Cybersecurity, and Network Administration.

    Learn more about the BS-IT Management Project Management courses.

    Learn more about the Project Management specialization.

Select your Pace

FlexIT offers students a choice between working part-time or at an accelerated pace. In both options, you will work with content coaches who are subject matter experts, along with a mentor who will help you develop your plan to stay on track and achieve your academic goals.


Take anywhere between 6 - 8 credits per term (no more). Perfect for professionals who need to balance work and family with their graduate studies.

FlexIT Part-Time Tuition:

$2,000 per three-month term


Take a minimum of 12 credits per three-month term. The maximum is up to the student - complete as many classes per term as you are able. Ideal for highly motivated self-starters.

FlexIT Full-time/ Accelerated Tuition:

$3,000 per three-month term

Application Steps

1. Talk with a FlexIT Mentor

Competency-based education is a good fit for many people. Talk to one of our knowledgeable staff to find out if it will work for your learning style, your lifestyle, and your goals. To have someone contact you and answer your questions, please complete this form:

FlexIT Inquiry Form 

2. Complete your application to CWU

In order to be a FlexIT student, you must also be accepted to Central Washington University. Your next step is to complete the official CWU application.

CWU Application 

3. Apply for the FlexIT Program

After communicating with an advisor and learning about self-paced, competency-based education, complete your application for the FlexIT program:

FlexIT Application 

To complete the FlexIT application you will need:

  • A cover letter outlining your professional experience, why you think you would be a good fit for the program, and how you plan to meet your goals (timeline to finish, balancing work and school, etc.) to complete the FlexIT program
  • A professional resume that outlines your experience, work history, and previous education
  • Information about your highest level of education including the degree earned, the conferring school and the date it was awarded. (The application will require you to upload a copy of your unofficial transcript.)

4. Begin the Financial Aid application process

Like a traditional program, you can use financial aid to pay for FlexIT! If a financial aid package is part of your plan to pay for your college education, then fill out your FAFSA application today.

Please note: Financial aid applications must be completed by the 15th of the month prior to your requested start date. To learn more, please email

We are here to help!

If you have any questions during your application process, please contact us at We will be happy to help you navigate every step of your application to the FlexIT program. You can also Fill Out an Inquiry Form 

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