The FlexIT Experience

Imagine embarking on a journey with the FlexIT program in IT Management, a unique, flexible approach to acquiring tech and leadership skills. This experience allows you to navigate the curriculum at your own pace, accommodating your life and work commitments.

Through the FlexIT program, you'll delve into various facets of IT management, from network security and data management to leadership strategies and change management. Unlike conventional programs, FlexIT offers you an opportunity to learn from real-world scenarios, case studies, and hands-on projects that provide you with practical experience, equipping you with the confidence and skills to handle dynamic tech environments. Upon completing the FlexIT program, you will not just be an IT professional - you'll be a problem-solver and strategic leader ready to thrive and adapt in the rapidly evolving field of IT management.

The FlexIT Experience is Different

Traditional academic models only measure a student's completed credit hours or "seat time". FlexIT measures what you know. Because the program is fully online and not tied to a traditional academic quarter, it gives you an unprecedented level of flexibility. If you have extensive knowledge or previous experience in a competency area you can accelerate your progress through that module by passing the appropriate projects when you feel ready.

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PACE = Proven Applied Content Expert

Achievement of this ranking means that a student has successfully completed comprehensive, applied projects that demonstrate their mastery over a particular subject area. Upon completion of their degree, our students have a professional-level portfolio of work and projects that can demonstrate their skills to potential employers.

Mentoring: Designing Education for You

ITAM and the FlexIT program are committed to the success of our students. FlexIT students have support throughout their journey by working with a qualified Mentor.

Your Mentor:

  • Provides support through weekly phone calls
  • Offers life skills coaching including time management and motivation strategies
  • Helps identify knowledge gaps and guides you toward resources
  • Guides you through the FlexIT program for timely completion
  • Is with you every step of the way from your first competency until graduation
  • Detailed, personal feedback

Content coaches are experienced ITAM faculty assigned to each course; they are experts in their field and will provide you with assistance on concepts and feedback on your final assessments.

Benefits for FlexIT Students:

  • Save time and money by accelerating your progress through the program
  • Focus on gaining mastery of new information and skills that can be applied right away in your current job
  • Gain a professional degree from an accredited state university
  • Get rapid feedback on your work - content coaches return projects within 72 hours
  • Set a pace that fits with your life

All You Can Achieve

Once enrolled in the program students may work on and earn as many competencies as they can fit into their schedule during each three-month block.

A wide variety of people find success with FlexIT including:

  • Working professionals
  • Nontraditional students
  • Students who do not have immediate access to a university education
  • Ambitious post-baccalaureates seeking a second degree

This program helps them gain vital skill sets, increases their promotion prospects, and moves them into exciting new career fields.

Learn more about the structure and resources available when online learning with CWU by visiting Multimodal's website.

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