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Is it time to move forward in your career? Are you a professional who wants to keep working while gaining your Bachelor's or Master's degree? Do you want a degree that reflects your applied knowledge and skills? FlexIT from IT Management will help you. This program complements who you are: your knowledge, your schedule, allowing you to work at a flexible pace.

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Rather than building a curriculum that measures mandatory student seat time, our program recognizes what you know and have learned. In FlexIT, you can quickly pass competencies in familiar subjects, then focus on assimilating new fields of knowledge that will help advance your career. Passing a competency at 100% earns you a PACE ranking: Proven Applied Content Expert.

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The curriculum in FlexIT is cutting-edge and 100% comparable to the material in a traditional program. What is different is how you move through it.

Work at a Flexible Pace

Go as fast or as slow as you want, based on your personal goals, motivation and knowledge. In this program, you have individualized pacing supported by significant, regular interaction with faculty. Highly-motivated students will gain the real-world knowledge and skills of a Bachelor of Science but complete their degree in less time. You have true flexibility in this system.

Accommodate Your Schedule

This fully online program easily adapts to any schedule with flexible pacing and full access to course materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Program faculty check in regularly. Work on courses when you have the time and energy.

Affordable Career Advancement

You can afford to earn your Bachelor's or Master's degree! Each FlexIT term equals three months of full access to the complete curriculum, allowing students to complete as many courses as they can, stretching tuition dollars further. Also, textbooks are available via a subscription that keeps costs low.

Financial Aid Available

For qualifying students, financial aid is available in the form of loans, grants and scholarships, just like a traditional bachelor's degree program. To learn more, please explore the CWU Financial Aid Office.

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