Library Media Endorsement Program at CWU

Do you have a Teaching Certificate and want to add a Library Media Endorsement?

Central Washington University offers an online Library Media Endorsement program for Certificated Teachers.

This program would be a good fit for you if:

  • You have a Teaching Certificate and are looking to work in a School Library
  • You can be successful taking all your coursework classes online
  • You are passionate about educating young people and sharing your knowledge and expertise

If any of these resonate with you, then the 100% online Library Media Endorsement program at Central Washington University could be the right choice for you.

How the LME program at CWU works

Program Length

After successfully completing 24 credits of combined coursework and a 2 credit practicum, students are eligible for the Library Media Endorsement.

The Teacher Certification office at CWU recommends students for the Endorsement after the WEST-E 042 Library Media test is completed.

Program Success

The majority of candidates who complete the LME program secure employment in Washington schools. Some students already have Library positions lined up, or are already working in a School Library. For those who are seeking a placement, we do not have current data on the success rate.


Candidates complete online coursework using Canvas which is the course management system at CWU. Some of the courses are asynchronous with self-paced course material and scheduled deadlines for assignments. Other courses have synchronous meeting times which require headphones and a solid internet connection.


All candidates complete a 60-hour individualized field experience in a School Library near them- all hours are documented and are a combination of observation, teaching, and working.
You may enroll into the 2-credit practicum, EDLM 492 or EDLM 592, once you have successfully completed 2-4 courses in the program. The practicum is typically completed in 1 academic quarter, and is only offered during fall and spring quarters.


The LME program has a total of eight 3 credit courses, and one 2 credit practicum- the courses can be taken in any order.

It is designed to be completed in one calendar year by taking 2 courses per quarter for 4 quarters -or- 4 courses per summer for 2 summers -plus- the 2 credit practicum. Alternatively, some students choose to take one class per quarter, completing the program in 2 years.

The 2 credit practicum is typically completed in one quarter (but may be completed in two) and is currently offered fall and spring quarters- it requires 60 hours of working in a library with access to a mentor librarian in your school or district.

CWU’s general guideline for each credit is 1 hour in-class, and 2 hours of homework.

For a 3 credit Library Media class you could expect to set-aside 9 hours of time per week:

  • 3 hours of recorded lecture, readings, articles, videos, or class participation like posting in an online discussion board
  • 6 hours of homework- additional readings, papers etc.

Each class is slightly different, and each student may take more or less time for assigned readings and for writing papers. The classes are set up so that you may do the work when it fits into your schedule, with assignments typically due weekly.


  • EDLM 410 / 510 Introduction to Library Media Issues
  • EDLM 416 / 516 Application of Technology Resources
  • EDLM 426 / 526 Instructional Methods for Library Media
  • EDLM 436 / 536 Survey of Children's and Young Ad. Lit.
  • EDLM 448 / 548 Collection Development/Library Media
  • EDLM 458 / 558 Cataloging and Classification
  • EDLM 468 / 568 Research and Information Fluency
  • EDLM 478 / 578 Administration of Library Media Program
  • EDLM 492 / 592 Library Media Practicum 

Total Credits: 26

Search these courses using the Online Course Catalog to learn more.

There is not a significant difference between the 400 level and the 500 level courses, and all classes are taught in a layered structure- meaning both the 400 level and 500 level students are in the same class with the same instructor. Students typically enroll in the 500 level graduate courses when they are seeking a Master's degree, or looking to add graduate level credits to move up their district pay scale. Those looking to add just an endorsement typically enroll in the 400 level courses.

All courses are offered online, and are accessed through Canvas with your myCWU credentials.

All LME courses require a permission that is hand entered into the system by department staff. This ensures that the courses remain available for our LME students.

Once you have completed the Admission process and have a Student ID number, contact the CSEL department and we can get you set up with classes.


library media endorsement program course schedule


Admission Steps

  1. Admission to Central Washington University. This is typically accomplished by submitting a  "Non-Matriculated Student" online form and $40 fee to the Office of the Registrar.
  2. Admission to the Department of Curriculum, Supervision, and Educational Leadership: Library Media Endorsement Program by submitting the Library Media Application (no fee).
  3. An Endorsement-Only Program online application and $40 fee submitted to the Teacher Certification office. Please gather any un-official transcripts you would like evaluated, and email those to This fee covers all the administrative work required to track and report your endorsement to OSPI.

Additional Information

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Course Permission Request Form

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