College of Arts and Humanities Handbook

At the College of Arts & Humanities, we seek to provide you with a comprehensive guide for your educational journey.

Our handbook contains detailed information about courses, faculty, academic policies, and campus life. Whether you're looking for the prerequisites for a particular course, contact information for a favorite professor, or the schedule of cultural events, the answers can all be found in our handbook. The College of Arts & Humanities is here to support you and is committed to your growth, creativity, and success

I. Introduction - CAH Handbook

This document is a guide and reference for College of Arts and Humanities (CAH) departments, programs, faculty, and staff regarding information critical to the operations of the college.

While these policies and procedures are specific to CAH, they are consistent with CWU Policies and Procedures, the United Faculty of Central Collective Bargaining Agreement (UFC CBA), and the Washington Federation Service Employees Bargaining Agreement (WFSE). These documents are available to all CAH faculty and staff through the college website.

These policies and procedures should be reviewed and revised regularly to reflect relevant changes in the college and university. A complete review of the CAH Policies and Procedure Handbook will be conducted at least every three years.

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