Public Health, Bachelor of Science (BS)

Program Description

The public health profession focuses on preventing disease, addressing inequities and developing policies and programs that help communities achieve optimal health and well-being. Our program aims to educate and empower the emerging generation of public health leaders. The Bachelor of Science in Public Health prepares students for graduate work or careers in the field and exposes them to evidence-based research and practice experiences.  Students can choose between the Population Health Specialization or the Pre-Nursing Specialization.

Likely Career Paths

Public Health work for community, county, state or federal government, health care administration, health education, policy work for non-profit organizations.  

For students completing the Pre-Nursing specialization, careers in Nursing.

Key Considerations

Course Planning

1st and 2nd Year Courses or Areas of Study

CWU Course # Transfer Course #
*MATH 211 MATH& 146
**HED 101 See TES
**NUTR 101 NUTR& 101
***PSY 101 PSYC& 100
***PSY 314 PSYC& 200
***CHEM 111+ CHEM 111 Lab CHEM& 121 or TES
***CHEM 112 &CHEM 112 Lab CHEM& 122 or CHEM& 131
***CHEM 113 &CHEM 113 Lab CHEM& 123 or TES
***BIOL 182 Biology II BIOL& 222 or TES
***BIOL 322 BIOL& 260
***BIOL 355 BIOL& 241
***BIOL 356 BIOL& 242

*MATH& 146 will transfer in as Math 211, PH major will substitute in place of statistics major requirement.

**Population Health Specialization ONLY

***Pre-Nursing Specialization ONLY

  • BIOL 182, PH major will substitute in place of BIOL 220 major requirement.
  • PSY 314, PH major will substitute in place of PSY 313 major requirement.
  • Pre-nursing students will need to complete a biochemistry course at CWU or elsewhere. 

The Transfer Equivalency Site (TES)provides CWU equivalencies for courses at other colleges and universities.

Advising Notes

Any DTA works well, but for Pre-Nursing Students, Nursing DTAs are best.

Any Washington state DTA (Direct Transfer Agreement) degree will satisfy all general education requirements.

The Public Health major requires grades of C or better in all major-level coursework. 

Nursing schools can be competitive so grades higher than C will likely be required.

Major requirements may change over time; students will be expected to meet the catalog requirements in place at the time they are admitted to the major. 

Current Catalog

Other Resources

Admissions: 509-963-1211 |

Financial Aid: 509-963-1611 |

Scholarship Information: 509-963-1611 |

Transfer Center: 509-963-1390 |

Veterans: 509-963-3028 |

International: +1-509-963-3612 |

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