Explanations for Various Employment Periods

Please review the following information for accrual and anniversary date calculations. If you have further questions, please contact Human Resources.

Anniversary Date

This date controls when annual (vacation) leave in excess of the maximum (280 hours) is erased from the record. The annual (vacation) leave balance must be at or below the maximum 280 hours on the first day of the anniversary month following the addition of the accrual for the previous month. This date is not adjusted for prior state service or leave without pay.

Leave Accrual

Applies to civil service employees only. It determines the rate at which vacation (annual) leave is accrued each month. For dates that fall the 1st through the 15th of the month, the accrual change applies to the current month. For dates that fall the 16th through the end of the month, the accrual change applies to the following month.

Periodic Increment Date (PID)

The PID is the month "an employee is scheduled to move to a higher salary step within the range for his/her current class."

Seniority Date

Classified Staff (Non-Represented):

Employment Retention Rating/Seniority: The measure of the employee's most recent period of unbroken classified service calculated by the Human Resources Office as follows:

  • All periods of leave without pay for more than eighty (80) hours in a month shall be deducted from the calculation of seniority, except when the leave without pay is taken for: cyclic year leave, military leave, or compensable work related injury or illness leave ("Workers' Compensation").
  • Ties in seniority will be broken by measuring the employee's most recent continuous time within his/her current classification. If the tie remains, seniority will be determined by lot.
  • Eligible veterans and surviving spouses of eligible veterans receive additional credit toward seniority in accordance with WAC 357-46-060.

Classified Staff (PSE): See Contract

Classified Staff (WFSE): See Contract

Exempt Employees:

The exempt personnel code does not define seniority for exempt employees.

Service Award Date

  • This date determines when civil service and exempt employees are recognized for their years of service to CWU (honored in 5-year increments).
  • All periods of regular (CWU) employment count toward total service whether or not it is continuous.

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